General Info Rumors in FFTA2

This is a collection of general information rumors from Grimoire of the Rift. To see all rumors, please go to the Clan Primer page.

Loot Wanted

Attention Hunters!

Traders at the bazaar seek loot both common and rare. In exchange: unique arms and armor, to be made available for purchase through your local shopkeeper.

Interested parties should visit the nearest shop without delay. Don't let the spoils of war go to waste!
- —Shopkeepers' Guild

Two Gil to Rub Together

Gil may make the world go round, but I ain't seen much come round my way. Questing and adventuring are all well and good if you're in a clan, but where does that leave me?

Thought I'd try my hand at these clan trials, since I heard they don't cost a bloke gil. Turns out you need bleedin' clan points for 'em!

Aye, it's a clan's world and don't let no one tell you different. Time I found one to join, eh?
- —Layabout Seeq

Go Prepared

You need every advantage to succeed on the battlefield. Your equipment could spell the difference between victory and defeat.

To be sure, the strength of your weapons and armor is important. But their true power lies in the abilities they possess. Simply readying a piece imbued with an ability allows you to use that ability. Why, wear it long enough and you'll even master the ability.

For the adventurer seeking ever more obscure abilities, having a variety of equipment at the ready is essential. Will your equipment lead you to victory?
- —Your Local Shopkeeper

New Recruits

You can't travel far without bumping into someone looking to join a clan.

But did you know that it's not just -where- you go but -when- that determines which race you're most likely to bump into?

-Seek out humes walking Targ Woods at the turn of the new year.

-As spring approaches, you'll find many a bangaa wandering Baptiste Hill.

-Nu mou seeking to join the ranks of a clan show up near Graszton between spring and early summer.

-The soft chirping chatter of moogles comes to the Bisga Greenlands at the height of summer.

-The viera gather quietly in the woods near Camoa as the leaves turn in autumn.

Now you know where to go when you're looking to fill out that clan roster.
- —Pub Patron

More New Recruits

Remember what I said about finding recruits from different races in different seasons? Well, I've figured out a few more things to go along with it.

'Round year end, the more rotund adventurers come out in the Aldanna Range. And if it's winged companions you're after, make for Fluorgis.

If that doesn't help you find the right person for your clan, I don't know what will.
- —Pub Patron

Trials and Tribute

I've heard some say that earnin' a prestigious title through them clan trials brings out people looking to join up.

Can't say I'm surprised. A choice between joinin' a famous clan and one you never heard of ain't no choice at all.

- —Barman's Tip

Trials and Privilege

Looking to make a name for your clan? You might try the clan trials.

Yeah, it'll cost you a few clan points, but what do you have to lose? Pass the trial, and you'll improve your clan talents. What's more, you can earn new clan privileges.

There's no other way to get new privileges. Ask me, that alone's worth the price of entry.

- —Pub Patron

This is the way!

Once you've got a clan with more than a few members you can rely on, you can dispatch them to take care of quests while you tend to other more pressing matters.

You can dispatch them straight from the pub, or accept the quest and dispatch them later. Makes no difference.

If you're sending people off on a quest they're likely to see battle in, make sure they're equipped good and proper first. They'll only get experience for completing the quest, not for the battle. But they'll get ability points, same as always.

- —Barman's Tip

Clan Talents

Talents are one measure of a clan's success. It's important to know what each one means.

Negotiation - how well you work with people.

Aptitude - how handy you are with machinery.

Teamwork - how well you work with your fellow clan members.

Adaptability - how well you deal with changing situations.

The higher your clan is rated, the better. Some petitioners won't even let you accept their quests if they don't think you're talented enough to get the job done.
- —Lemme, Swordsman

Trinkets of Summoning

Trinkets and baubles that can summon mighty scions to do their possessor's bidding?

I have heard such as these exist. Yes, powerful artifacts that can claim victory for their bearer when all hope seems lost.

The power to call on creatures of myth and legend is no trivial one. One must be worthy of such power, or one will succumb to it.
- —Traveler from the East

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