Garlond Ironworks

Garlond Ironworks is a group of crafters and scholars in Final Fantasy XIV. It's headed by Cid Garlond, and consists mostly (or entirely) of people who defected the Garlean Empire with Cid. This group was solely responsible for most technological advancements in Eorzea in the late 16th century, bringing not only knowledge of Garlean inventions with them but also their minds and their skills, enabling further technological progress.

Among other things, Garlond Ironworks is behind the spread of ceruleum and airship technology in Eorzea, working closely with Highwind Skyways. Their accomplishments have made the Ironworks - and Cid Garlond in special - celebrated and coveted figures among the people and rulers of Eorzean nations.

It's unknown where exactly Garlond Ironworks is based in, or if anywhere. They're known to work closely with the Grand Companies in an exchange of information and labor.

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