Galadion Accord

The Galadion Accord is a treaty between the government and the various pirate crews of Limsa Lominsa, set to come into effect some time before the fall of Dalamud. It was initiated by the Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn and signed by the major pirate crews of Limsa, among them the Bloody Executioners led by Hyllfyr.

The Galadion Accord proved its worth at its signing. The Bloody Executioners had sold infomration to the Garlean Empire about its location and time, and they in turn brought in heavy machinery to disrupt or completely prevent the signing as well as target the life of the Admiral and the other high Lominsan officers. The presence of certain adventurers foiled the Garlean plot, but it proved to the Admiral that the peace she required to unify Lominsan forces against Garlemald and the beastmen both was not very easily attainable.
After the foiled signing, the Bloody Executioners seemingly stopped their meddling and worked with the Admiral and her administration to fend off the threats to their city, at least until the beginning of the 7th Umbral Era.

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