Four Chaoses

The Four Chaoses, Four Kings and Four Fiends (四天王 [shitenou] or 'four kings' in Japanese), depending on the translation, is a term used in many Final Fantasies to refer to a group of four people or demons, usually each having their own element.

Final Fantasy I

The very first Final Fantasy was also the first to use the term of Four Chaoses. They were a group of various high-level fiends who had made a pact with Chaos/Garland, consisting of Lich of Earth, Marilith of Fire, Kraken of Water and Tiamat of Wind. In addition to the basic elements Lich also had the Undead element to him.

Each of the Four Chaoses were meant to rule an era of their own, bringing about destruction. Tiamat was the first, and brought about the end of the Lufane civilization. He then gained control of the skies. Second was Kraken, who sunk a great city to the bottom of the sea and thus ruled the seas. Third was Lich, who was set to corrupt the earth. His power was stopped before it reached fruition, however. Fourth was meant to be Marilith, who was awakened hundreds of years before her time. She was set to rule in the future and scorch the earth.

Final Fantasy IV

In Final Fantasy IV the term referred to Golbeza's Four Kings or Fiends, the ゴルベーザ四天王 [golbeza shitenou], also known as Scarmiglione of Earth, Cagnazzo of Water, Barbariccia of Wind and Rubicante of Fire. Like his previous counterpart Lich, Scarmiglione also ruled the underworld.

It is unknown where these four half-demons(?) appeared from. It seems that they were loyal to Golbez most of all, not Zemus who controlled Golbez, but it is unknown how they came to be under his rule.

Final Fantasy IX

The ninth Final Fantasy is known for going back to its roots, and from those roots was also drawn the concept of the Four Kings. It included the Chaoses of Earth (Lich), Water (Kraken), Fire (Marilith) and Wind (Tiamat), just like the first Final Fantasy.

The four Chaoses were likely under the control of Garland, and were set to guard the keys to Terra. Due to this, it's very likely that they either inhabited Terra to begin with or were created by Garland for the purpose.

Tactics Advance

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Final Fantasy Type-0

In Final Fantasy Type-0, the Four Kings are known as the Four Champions of Suzaku (朱雀四天王 [suzaku shitenou]), a group of four cadets of the Academy of Magic Peristylium Suzaku some 10 years in the past. They consisted of Kurasame Susaya, Miwa, Glenn and Kotetsu. Of these, Kurasame was the strongest, and was also known as the Ice Reaper. The others did not have such monikers, although Miwa concentrated mostly on healing magic and Kotetsu on tactics.

There is a rumor concerning the Four Kings circulating in the Academy. According to this rumor, one of the Four Kings sought to betray the other three and attacked them in secret. He succeeded in dealing mortal blows to each of the three, but the girl survived just long enough to revive Kurasame with magic. The awoken Kurasame, seeing her dying, wrote down her name on the floor with his own blood so that he wouldn't forget her existence (see Suzaku Crystal). He then proceeded to hunt down the one who betrayed the other three.

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