Forest Owls
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The Forest Owls are a small resistance group in Timber, trying to overthrow the Galbadian rule. It consists of only a few members, the most prominent of which are Rinoa Heartilly (referred to as the 'Princess' of the group), Watts and Zone.
Their base is located in an old train.


During the game the Forest Owlsorchestrated the kidnapping of President Vinzer Deling with the aid of three SeeD members. The kidnapping was pulled off successfully, but the person turned out to be a fake and turned into a monster. It was subsequently defeated by the SeeD members.

Another plan of the Forest Owls was the declaration of Timber's independence through the newly re-opened live broadcast through the Dollet Communication Tower – the first live broadcast in 17 years. The members successfully infiltrated the Timber TV station and messed up President Vinzer Deling's speech, but the whole thing turned into a mess and ended with the group's escape from the scene.

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