Flood of Light

The Flood of Light (光の氾濫 [hikari no hanran] or 'flood of light' in Japanese) is a natural phenomenon that has appeared in several Final Fantasies.

Final Fantasy III

The world is divided into two, the World of Light that is supported by the Crystals of Light and the World of Darkness that is supported by the Crystals of Darkness. The existence of the world depends on the balance between the two being upheld. If either Light or Darkness grows too strong, the strong power will overflow in a Flood. A Flood of Light results in the Warriors of Darkness being called forth by the Crystals of Darkness, and attracts the Cloud of Darkness who aspires to return the world into nothingness.

At least one Flood of Light is known to have occurred. Some one thousand years ago, the culture of the Ancients was destroyed by it, as they had over-utilized the power of the Crystals of Light and in doing so had made the power of Light grow too strong. The Flood was stopped by the Warriors of Darkness before it had run its course.

Final Fantasy XIV

Originally, the world was one, and both Light (Hydaelyn) and Darkness (Zodiark) existed as one. However, after Zodiark started lusting for dominance, Hydaelyn was forced to cast Zodiark out. This act fractured the world, and in addition to the original world (the Source), thirteen reflections of it came to be. These reflections are vulnerable to fluctuations in power levels, and should the power of Light become too strong, a Flood of Light will arise. The power of Light will permeate everything, making that reflection into a dimension where nothing can live, for life is too chaotic for pure Light and needs Darkness to continue living.

One Flood of Light is known to have occurred. In an unknown time in the past, the Ascians, servants of Zodiark, attempted to bring about an Ardor in the First Shard. However, the power of Darkness was weak in that shard, and the power of Light too strong natively. The Warriors of Light called forth by Hydaelyn overpowered the forces of Darkness, creating an overabundance of Light. This caused a Flood of Light to begin within the shard. The Warriors of Light were then lured by the Ascians to enter the Source, claiming that only the destruction of the Source would ensure that the First could live again. This was proven false when the Source's Warrior of Light and his companions prompted Hydaelyn's messenger Minfilia Warde to take direction action on Hydaelyn's behalf. She traveled to the First with the souls of the First's Warriors of Light in order to soak up the excess power of Light for Hydaelyn so that the First may be saved.

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