Flood of Darkness

The Flood of Light (闇の氾濫 [yami no hanran] or 'flood of darkness' in Japanese) is a natural phenomenon that has appeared in several Final Fantasies.

Final Fantasy III

The world is divided into two, the World of Light that is supported by the Crystals of Light and the World of Darkness that is supported by the Crystals of Darkness. The existence of the world depends on the balance between the two being upheld. If either Light or Darkness grows too strong, the strong power will overflow in a Flood. A Flood of Darkness results in the Warriors of Light being called forth by the Crystals of Light, and attracts the Cloud of Darkness who aspires to return the world into nothingness.

At least one Flood of Darkness is known to have threatened the world. When the power of Darkness grew too strong in the present day, the game's events took place, preventing the Flood of Darkness before it had fully even begun.

Final Fantasy XIV

Originally, the world was one, and both Light (Hydaelyn) and Darkness (Zodiark) existed as one. However, after Zodiark started lusting for dominance, Hydaelyn was forced to cast Zodiark out. This act fractured the world, and in addition to the original world (the Source), thirteen reflections of it came to be. These reflections are vulnerable to fluctuations in power levels, and should the power of Darkness become too strong, a Flood of Darkness will arise. The power of Darkness will permeate everything, robbing all living things of their aether, leaving them every hungry for more. The reflection will become a wasteland, inhabited by the twisted remains of the living things that used to inhabit the world.

One Flood of Darkness is known to have occurred. In the distant past (assuming that the time in the shard reflections flows the same as it does in the Source), the Ascians, the servants of Zodiark, attempted to bring about an Ardor in the Thirteenth Shard. The Thirteenth naturally had very little Light in it and an abundance of Darkness. When the forces of Darkness entered the shard, they easily overpowered the feeble resistance the forces of Light could put up. A Flood of Darkness began, and consumed everything within the Thirteenth. It became known as the Void to the denizens of the Source, and the remnants of its living beings became known as voidsent. These beings use all manner of rifts between dimensions to travel to worlds where aether can be found. The bigger the rift, the more powerful - and more hungry - the voidsent that can make it through. The denizens of the Source also came up with ways to use these voidsent for their own ends, even going so far as to create a discipline of magic whose practitioners were known as voidmages, all perfectly unaware what these voidsent had once been.

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