Floating Continent

A floating continent is exactly what it says - a continent (or a big island) that floats in the air. They have appeared in Final Fantasy III and Ivalice.

Final Fantasy III

The Floating Continent is a singular area in FF3, an ancient experiment proving testament to the knowledge of an ancient people. It is big enough to house at least two full-fledged kingdoms, two dwelling areas of entirely separate species, as well as various other settlements, and includes two major mountain ranges as well as a central sea.


The floating continents within the world of Ivalice are likewise the products of ancient technology, although many more in number than in FF3, proving wide-spread use of the technology. The means to float continents has been lost to the contemporary peoples, and the skills required for their upkeep are being lost as well, raising fears that one day these colossal amounts of land will fall from the skies and crush anyone and anything beneath them.

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