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The faeries (妖精 [yousei] or 'fairy' in Japanese) are tiny, winged humanoid creatures. In Final Fantasies, they're almost exclusively presented as blonde women with translucent or white-translucent wings, quite probably wearing light teal dresses. They are associated with the summon Sylph and the power of Wind.

Final Fantasy I

Spelled 'fairy', the only known (and rather eccentric) fairy was caught and bottled by a caravaner. The Warriors of Light saved her, in exchange for which she drew forth oxyale from her spring for them.

She is the very image of the traditional Final Fantasy fairy.

Final Fantasy III

The faeries in FF3 lived in the Living Forest with the Elder Tree. They, too, bear the appearance of traditional Final Fantasy faeries. They live and die with the Elder Tree who is their home.

Final Fantasy XIV

The fairies in FF14 are an aetherial product summoned forth from a Scholar crystal. While being a being with no form other than when summoned, the fairies are able to retain memories from past summonings, even for thousands of years. It is unclear how the fairies were first born (or made), but this was known to be done in the ancient country of Nym.

There are two fairies one can summon from a single crystal, known as Eos and Selene.

4 Heroes of Light

The faeries in FHL cannot be normally seen by humans. They are quite possibly smaller than their counterparts in FF1 and FF3, although similar-looking otherwise. They generally live in Arbor with the elves, although sometimes wonder about the world. In the game, they are to start with represented by a ball of light instead of the fairy graphic seen later on.

During the game the Warrior of Light Aire somehow is able to see the faery Lilybell. Lilybell is the only faery prominently featured in the game.

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