Essences & Permutations
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Essences & Permutations - A Treatise of the Six Elements is an old tome of text within the world of Final Fantasy XIV. The text of the tome can be found in Arrzaneth Ossuary, Mealvaan's Gate and the Stillglade Fane within the game, under the NPC 'Dusty Tomes'.


A cursory examination reveals that he volume is comprised of four chapters dealing with the elements and creation.

Chapter I - The Six Nativities & Myriad Creation
The spark of Lightning ignites when it strikes, and thus Fire is born.
The heat of Fire renders to ash all that it touches, and thus Earth is born.
The density of Earth shuns Sun and harbors cold, and thus Ice is born.
The armor of Ice melts away, and thus Water is born.
The moistness of Water mists and rises, and thus Wind is born.
The gusts and sighs of Wind gather the clouds, and thus Lightning is born.

Chapter II - The Three Conquests, Boundless and Unwavering
Earth grounds Lightning.
Water erodes Earth.
Lightning boils Water.

Chapter III - The Three Submissions, Timeless and Unending
Fire is extinguished by Wind.
Ice is melted by Fire.
Wind is obstructed by Ice.

Chapter IV - Dynamic Opposites & the Bifurcation of Polarity
The six elements are manifest in all things great and small, and their polarity deriveth from the Astral heavens and the Umbral depths below.

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