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A species rather hume-like but with long ears. They are tall and thin but rather strong in physical combat. However, they lack magical endurance.

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The elvaan came to the Middle Lands of Vana'diel from the northern continent Rhazowa around the year 190 of the Crystal Era. From then on they spread to the Quon continent in six separate tribes; those of Galleyan, Fashvell, Beaurtlin, San d'Oria, Coumlaud and Chateif.1.
The exact movements of all the tribes isn't known, but the Coumlaud tribe headed to Pashhow, where they soon encountered and fought with the quadav, the Galleyans headed to Norvallen, San d'Orians to Ronfaure, Fashvell and Beaurtlin to Zulkheim and Chateif to Gustaberg.

However, the elvaan dominance of the Quon continent lasted for less than 200 years, for the appearance of the Windurstian armies via the Strait of Jeuno and Norvallen meant imminent and long-lasting war. One by one the elvaan tribes fell to Windurstian dominance, first Galleyan, followed by San d'Oria, Fashvell, Beaurtlin, Chateif. It's unknown what happened to the Coumlaud tribe at this point. Within the ranks of subjugated elvaan tribes was, quite naturally, dissent. One such dissenting individual was Lanfeaur d'Oraguille, of the San d'Oria tribe, who was the first dragoon as well as the first king of San d'Oria. With the aid of Alfollon Tavnazia of the Beaurtlin tribe he unified the remainders of the tribes, drove back the Windurstian forces, and founded the kingdom in the lands of his tribe, Ronfaure. This happened in 385. The San d'Orian currency noit was launched two years later.

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The elvaans of the current days speak the Middle Lands common tongue with the Chantagne dialect, Chantagne being their language of old with which their homes were named. Chantagne seems to be similar to the real-world languages of Spanish and/or French.

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