Elezen (エレゼン [elezen] in Japanese) are an elf-like race in Final Fantasy XIV. They have very good hearing and have adapted well to the varying terrains of Eorzea. They are divided into two tribes that we know of, the Wildwood and the Duskwights. Wildwoods are more receptive to new ways and have pale to tanned skin with hair in natural brown and blond shades. Duskwights (シェーダー [shader] in Japanese) are more reclusive - indeed, shunned in many places for it - and have pale to pale pink to dark blue skin with hair in silver to green colors as well as black.

Due to the similarity of some Elezen names to Hyur names, some (Hyur) scolars tend to believe that the Elezen are an offshoot race of the Hyur. Elezen scholars tend to more deny any blood relations whatsoever.

As for the original Elezen language (if any such existed), nothing is known. However, names tend to loosely follow French pronunciation and spelling.



The Elezen are one of the earliest inhabitants of Eorzea, although originally come from the northern lands (unspecified as to where in the north). Some Elezen believe that the gods themselves chose their race to inhabit Eorzea, and are proud because of this. The Elezen have a war-filled past. Due to their aforementioned beliefs and the constant influxes of new races and people into the region, conflicts were bound to have been born. Traditionally they are a nomadic people, but some, especially of the Wildwood tribe, have settled down into cities. There are some records of Duskwights settling to live especially in the Gelmorra area, but this was a long time in the past, and in the current days many tend to shun cities and live by poaching and theft.


Naming Conventions

All Elezen have a first name and a last name. While naming conventions (including last names) were shared between the two tribes in the past, bad blood between them caused a rift in this. In modern days, while first names may be similar (indeed, indistinguishable) between the tribes, last names are never shared. All who bore the last name of the 'wrong' tribe abandoned theirs and took up a new one.

Elezen names have changed very little since the times they came to inhabit Eorzea. It is unknown how long ago this was, but certainly thousands of years.

As for differences between male and female names, female names tend to be shorter. Common endings are 'ne', 'ette', 'elle' and extended vowels like 'ie'. Male names commonly end in a silent 'x' or a silent 't'. Such endings as 'loix', 'aux' and 'mont' are not uncommon.

Common female name examples Common male name examples

As mentioned previously, many Elezen names are similar to Hyur names. Normally the difference between the two is the ending of the word, with Elezen names bearing endings common to that race.

Shared female names Shared male names
Gwen -> Gwenolie
Hilda -> Hildie
Louis -> Louisoix
Eugene -> Eugenaire
Arthur -> Arthurioux

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