Elder Tree

The Elder Tree (生きている森の長老 [ikiteiru mori no chourou] or the 'Elder of the Living Forest' in Japanese) is the oldest and biggest tree in the Living Forest. It is said that the forest's survival depends on him.

One of Xande's underlings, the magician Hein, uprooted him from the forest during the game, and carved a castle out of him. Hein made him wander the desert south of the forest, making for a rather impenetrable fortress. The Elder Tree was powerless to stop it himself, but was helped by the Warriors of Light who defeated Hein and freed him from Hein's magic, allowing him to return to his forest.

In return for helping him and the Forest, he gives the Fang of Wind to the Warriors. Afterwards, to heal the wounds inflicted upon him and the Forest, he seals the entire Forest away from the rest of the world for 1000 years.

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