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Duelhorn is a crime syndicate foreign to Jylland and a Clan with dubious aims in Grimoire of the Rift. While they are a crime syndicate, they operate under fair rules within the syndicate, and do not like involving innocent people in their squabbles.

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These are the missions relating to Duelhorn's activities in the game.

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This is a collection of notices relating to Duelhorn from the game. To see the full list of notices, see the Clan Primer page.


The foreign crime syndicate Duelhorn has been spotted making inroads in Jylland of late.

From the large number of reports, we can assume a great many operatives are now at large in Jylland, though there has been no clear consensus as to what business has brought them thither. What could they want, and how could this mean anything but trouble?

An Invitation from Duelhorn

-Notice to all Clan Members!-
Crime syndicate Duelhorn has been swallowing up smaller clans right and left to fuel their ongoing expansion.

Clans have been approached and asked if they wish to join Duelhorn, only to be strong-armed into joining when they refused.

Though their recruitment techniques may be harsh, apparently their treatment of member clans is quite evenhanded, and there have been no reports of unrest among the ranks.

Still, there is ample cause for any clan member to be wary of Duelhorn's activities.
Consider this a warning!

Duelhorn On the Prowl

-Notice to all Clan Members!-

We have received reports that Duelhorn is stepping up its recruitment activities. While its aim appears to remain the gathering of more clans under their central command, their means have gone from strong-arm to outright violent.

However, other reports suggest that this surge in activity is not official Duelhorn policy, but rather the result of actions taken by a group of extremists within the Duelhorn organization.

Whoever's authority they are working on, they have already been successful large number of clans into Duelhorn, and we can only expect the syndicate's power to grow even more in coming months.1

We advise continued caution when dealing with anyone you suspect to be an agent of Duelhorn.

Sender Unknown

Cid, long time no talk.

It sounds like you and yours have been dealing with Duelhorn recently. It seems Khamja has their eyes on your clan's connection to Duelhorn, no less.

Speaking of Duelhorn, a certain Dewk Snakeheart made a real mess of things at a Khamja betting stand just the other day. You can be sure neither Duelhorn nor Khamja will let this go without getting more deeply…involved, shall we say.

Knowing you, you'd never entertain the notion of joining forces with Duelhorn, but not everyone shares my faith.

Khamja too has grown, and there are many in its ranks that have never even heard the name "Cid."

I only wanted to warn you that Khamja will move on this, and soon. Be careful.

Don't give me any more cause to worry about you, hmm?

Duelhorn Suffers Setbacks

Duelhorn, in the midst of a massive expansion, has suffered setbacks from attacks in Western Jylland.

The identity of the attackers is unknown. They have left no scrap of information that might shed light on their methods or motives. It is not even entirely clear that the attacks have been the work of a single group. The Jylland Defenders of Peace have been mobilized, but for time being, are well behind the perpetrators in their investigation.

Should these attacks continue at this level of calculated ferocity, it is only a matter of time before Duelhorn falters and fails.

Rumors persist that the wave of attacks was prompted by an incident in Graszton several days before, in which Duelhorn members set off on a rampage which resulted in the destruction of several town buildings.

Perhaps they incurred someone, or something's wrath? Only time and continued investigation can hope to tell.

That Pretty Man

There was this guy, except he kinda looked like a lady, and he saved the village!

See, it happened at night. There was this incredible noise, and the house next door collapsed.

That's when I saw him…or her, helping the people inside!

My friend, he seed it with his own eyes! He was one of 'em what got saved! And the pretty guy even gave him some candy! Of course, he ate the candy so there's no proof of that…

So I hear that it was some Duelhorn folk who wrecked our town, and I guess that guy was one of them? But I heard him er…her shouting something about not sacrificing the townspeople, and he sounded pretty angry. That means he was helping us, right?
- Crybaby Kocott

Duelhorn's Demise

Duelhorn's three-pronged attack striking Camoa, Graszton, and Moorabella, while inflicting considerable damage in each of those towns, has ended in failure.

Though details are sparse, as the attacks occurred during the night, and there were few witnesses, it appears that the Duelhorn assailants were themselves driven off by either a clan, or the mysterious organization that has been targeting Duelhorn operatives in recent days.

The whereabouts of the Four Bosses, leaders of Duelhorn, is unknown at present. Bereft of their leadership, the clan members have scattered, and some from the hold country have even begun to pack up their belongings to return home. This, we can safely say, ends any formal presence of Duelhorn in Jylland.

In the wake of Duelhorn's offensive, influential Graszton citizen Baron Beltorey has extended a helping hand to those who lost their homes, while denouncing Duelhorn's actions and calling for more military strength in Jylland to fend off such foreign incursions.

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