Dalamud was the lesser of the moons of Hydaelyn, and one not natural in origin. The other is Menphina, named after the goddess Menphina. Dalamud is named after Menphina's loyal hunting hound, her protector.

The picture to the right presents the look of Dalamud in early 1572, in early stages of falling down. Before 1572 the moon was nothing but a small white dot. Ever since Dalamud fell down that year, it hasn't been present in the skies.


Dalamud was built by the ancient civilization of Allag. Many details of it aren't known at the time of this writing, but it was built with a mechanism to call it down to collide with the ground should it be called upon.

Once the face of Dalamud was as bright as that of Menphina. However, over the year 1572, it grew red in color, and Dalamud itself bigger. Some people of Eorzea said originally that Dalamud was hunting for the enemies of Menphina, relying on legends and imagination to explain this phenomenon. The true cause of Dalamud's swelling is the interference of Garlean Empire (and their Meteor project), who intended to make it collide with Eorzea and destroy the region. The calling mechanism disrupted the flow of aether around Eorzea, resulting in the aether not flowing to Silvertear Falls but elsewhere. This in turn caused strange weather, the draining of elemental aspects from crystals (deaspected crystals), the swelling of the realm's beasts (both in size and number) and other phenomena. The impending doom also called out some doomsday cults such as the Lambs of Dalamud, and general despair within the realm's populace. There were also several projects initiated by the rulers of the city-states, the leader of the Circle of Knowing Louisoix Leveilleur and the head of Garlond Ironworks Cid Garlond to stop the fall of Dalamud. These are detailed in the 1.x Grand Company quests.

The Fall


All of one year's careful preparation and desperate saving attempts culminated on the battlefield of Carteneau Flats, where a battle between the forces of Garlemald and the city-states clashed beneath the Dalamud that now dominated the skies with its red glow. That day, Dalamud finished its fall.

It was revealed in a quite horrifying manner that the secondary moon had been nothing but a seal upon the primal Bahamut, when Dalamud burst open and revealed its contents. The now-free Bahamut rampaged around Eorzea and completely destroyed portions of the world. Louisoix Leveilleur and the others from the Circle of Knowing made a valiant effort to re-seal the primal, but Bahamut had grown too strong to be sealed. He broke free from the freshly constructed new Dalamud and attacked Louisoix. It is unknown what happened to the man himself, but he managed to use some type of transportation spell on a number of brave adventurers, who were sent somewhere beyond time and space, only to return five years later.

The story of the day of the fall is told in The End of an Era.

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