Cuddly Chronicles

The Cuddly Chronicles are a series of mini-stories featuring Mog and his time in the Void Beyond and Valhalla. The complete story can be read by gathering the items Bittersweet Chiffon, Tremulous Muffin, Beloved Cinnamon, Selfish Pancake, Farewell Madeleine, Teatime Mont Blanc, Dishonest Mille-feuille and Pink Parfait.

The Cuddly Chronicles

The Chocobo Chick

Mog has been alone ever since he can remember. One day, a chocobo chick fell into the Void Beyond and asked him a question. 'Say, are you a Mog who's a moogle? Or are you a moogle who's also a Mog?' Mog replied, 'I'm a moogle, of course, and my name is Mog! And what a strange question from a chocobo chick with no name!' When she heard that, the chocobo chick fluttered her wings angrily, and said, 'I DO have a name, I do!' It was an encounter that stayed with Mog for a long time. Even now, he sometimes thinks back to that day, and wonders what happened to that little chocobo chick…

The Miniflan Musketeers

Poor Mog had never met anyone of his own kind. One day, a group of quivering flan were whisked into the Void Beyond. 'Look at him, he's all round and white! He can join us! Then we'll be six!' 'Welcome to the miniflan musketeers-all for one, and one for all!' And so, just like that, Mog was a flan. One of the flan said, 'We flew here from the forest of Sunleth! Come fly back with us! 'But you didn't fly here, you were just carried into the Void Beyond,' objected Mog. Befuddled, the flan looked at each other…and then suddenly, all five of them were sucked into another gate!

The Centaurion Blade

You know how Mog can turn himself into a weapon? Well, one day, in the Void Beyond, he met a monster much like himself. It was a flying weapon called a Centaurion Blade. It told Mog that these days, it wasn't fighting many battles. 'Are you a summoned weapon, Mog? Can you turn into a sword?' Mog replied, 'Of course I can, kupo!' And just like that, he turned himself into a handsome sword. Now, when Mog is a weapon, he can't move on his own. If he did, he'd just get in the way of whoever was trying to use him. When he explained this, the Centaurion Blade shook his pommel sadly. 'You are not one of my kind,' he said, and then disappeared. 'What a rude sword, kupo!' said Mog, and he stayed cross for a long time after.

Demi Fal'Cie Adam

Mog had no idea if he was a monster, or an Eidolon, or just a simple monster. But one thing he knew for sure, he wasn't a stuffed toy! After all, he told himself, how many stuffed toys can fly? One day, Mog got sucked into a weird and scary corner of the Void Beyond where he met a giant monster called Adam. 'Are you a fal'Cie?' asked Adam. 'Are moogles my brethren?' 'No, moogles are moogles!' Mog replied proudly. Then Adam said, 'I have no use for stuffed toys,' and disappeared before Mog had a chance to reply. 'Watch your manners, kupo!' shouted Mog after him, but Adam was gone, never to be seen again.

The Imp

One day, Mog heard rumors about another creature that looked just like him. So he set off through the Historia Crux to find the monster people called an imp. For sure, the imp and little flapping wings, just like Mog, and it could even hover in the air. But the more Mog looked, the less moogly the creature appeared. 'Are you a kind of imp?' asked the monster. 'Er, no, my eyes don't stick out nearly as much as your,' replied Mog. Well, this made the imp madder than anything, and he called his ahriman friend and chased Mog all over the Crux. No matter how much Mog protested that he meant it as a compliment, the imp would not forgive him.


Mog could never remember how he ended up in Valhalla. The first monster he met was mighty Odin, towering over him. 'There is only one law in Valhalla,' intoned Odin. 'The weak must obey the strong.' Then, suddenly, he attacked! 'Seems like a silly law to me,' said Mog, 'but if that's the way it has to be…kupo!' With that, he launched himself gallantly at his giant foe, only to be swatted down in an instant. 'Well, I guess I lost, and that makes you the boss. What do you want me to do, kupo?' But Odin just glared down at him, and said, 'Bah! I have no use for one as weak as you.' Mog learned a valuable lesson - sometimes, words can hurt more than enormous boss monsters…


Valhalla is a world where only the strongest survive. Those who are born weak must hone their strength and skills in battle against more powerful foes. Mog heard that one of the strongest monsters around was the Knight Valfodr, so he decided to issue a challenge. Valfodr was not the kind of monster to show mercy, even when battling the puniest of foes. Despite his total, crushing defeat, Mog was pleased with the outcome. Now, he thought, he was ready to serve the mighty. But instead, Valfodr rejected him, saying, 'I have no use for one so weak.' Still, he left Mog alive and without a scratch. Maybe Valfodr wasn't so bad, after all?


Lightning first found Mog lying on the shores of chaos, in the heart of Valhalla. Mog was trying to live down his title as the Weakest Monster of the Void, so he challenged Lightning to a duel, which he promptly lost. Mog assumed that Lightning would treat him like all the other victorious foes, and leave him where he lay. But instead, she said, 'Come. Get up, Mog.' He couldn't believe his moogle ears! 'You want me to follow you?' 'That's the rule, right? You lost, and now you have to do my bidding.' After that, Mog vowed he would serve Lightning for the rest of his life, no matter what, kupo.

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