Crystal Sickness

So far, the crystal sickness has two appearances in the Final Fantasy series. Both the appearances are similar, but with some differences.

Final Fantasy III

A special sickness that the Warriors of Light suffered from when changing between the jobs that the Crystals provided.

It temporarily lowers your stats when changing to your new job, and disappears when you've fought enough battles - become accustomed enough to the new power that you can take full advantage of it.

The amount of battles you have to fight through before the sickness disappears depends on how close your new job is to your old job. Someone changing from [[Mage] to Viking will suffer from it longer than someone changing from Black Mage to White Mage. Also the person's already attained job level in the new job affects how long you'll suffer from crystal sickness. If you have a high job level in the job you change to, you might not suffer from it at all even if you change from Warrior to White Mage.

Crystal Chronicles

In the Crystal Chronicles series the crystal sickness appeared in Echoes of Time, where it is described as a sickness people relatively commonly suffered from 2000 years in the past when crystals were still common.


A person catches the crystal sickness form the proximity of crystals, although how exactly this works is unknown. It is possible that the power of the crystals somehow reacts badly with the native energies of the body, although there is no canonical evidence for this.
The crystal sickness is serious, and although it's not perfectly clear how serious it appears that it can kill an untreated patient. The sickness must be treated with a special medicine, after which the patient will become well in no time. 2000 years in the past the medicine was common, however in the present time of Echoes of Time there is only one person the main character can find who knows how to make it, and that person is from the ancient times himself.

Suffering from the crystal sickness and surviving it apparently gives a person some mysterious powers.

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