Crystal Jammer

Crystal Jammer (クリスタルジャマー [crystal jammer] in Japanese) is an invention that stops the power of the Crystals in Final Fantasy Type-0. It was invented by Cid Aulstyne, possibly with the blessings of the Byakko Crystal, and brought an undeniable advantage to the army forces of Milites.

The Crystal Jammer was deployed on the 3rd of Water on the year 842 against the Suzaku Crystal, the source of all Rubrum magic, in the early stages of Milites's plans of bringing all of Orience into a stage of war. It allowed the forces of Milites to easily overpower the forces of Rubrum, as they were practically defenseless without their magic. The situation changed when Class 0 was deployed to the field. As their power doesn't depend on the Suzaku Crystal they could surprise and overwhelm the Milites forces they encountered while on a covert mission to destroy the Crystal Jammers around the Academy of Magic where the Suzaku Crystal resides. Class 0 succeeded in destroying the Crystal Jammers and the Milites attack was stopped short.

The forces of Milites went on to attack Lorica, and the Crystal Jammers were deployed to the field once again. Lorica didn't have the likes of Class 0, so was easily conquered.

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