Crystal Chronicles World Timeline

This page presents the timeline of the world in the Crystal Chronicles series, as far as it can be determined. Note that all times are mentioned in relation to the game they're mentioned in, and there are hardly any common points between some games where a large amount of time has passed between them. However, from the hints given the chronological order of the games should be correct.

Mythical Times

Creation of the world
The Crystal purges evil from the cosmic mass that was to become the world
The Great Crystal forms the core of the world, and the purged evil forms the moon

Rule of Rebena

~1,000 years ago from FFCCRF
Rebena Te Ra is built by this time1

Rise of the Lunites

97 years ago from FFCCRF
Alhanalem is born2

~65 years ago from FFCCRF
Galdes is born3

~47 years ago from FFCCRF
Meeth Crym is born4

47 years ago from FFCCRF
Latov is born5

45 years ago from FFCCRF
Kolka Tawantyn is born6

41 years ago from FFCCRF
Aleria is born7

~37 years ago from FFCCRF
Cu Chaspel is born at Rautswall Cyel8

Unknown year around this time
Galdes is appointed a bishop at the Crystal Temple9

28 years ago from FFCCRF
Aleria and Latov meet at the Crystal Temple10

~26 years ago from FFCCRF
Tilika Tawantyn is born11

Unknown year around this time
Previous hierophant of the Crystal Temple dies, and Galdes is appointed in his place
Princess Tilika recognizes Galdes as a Lunite in his inauguration ceremony

~19 years ago from FFCCRF
Cu Chaspel abandons his child and escapes the disaster of Rautswall Cyel with his life, meets up with Galdes who gives him a mask to wear12

Light from Darkness

~17 years ago from FFCCRF
Princess Tilika, along with her minders Lady Aleria and Meeth Crym, arrives at Rela Cyel to study Crystals
Amidst torrential rain, a crimson light beams down from the heavens and the Crystal of Rela Cyel goes haywire. The facility is destroyed in water and fire
Princess Tilika dies at Rela Cyel's Crystal chamber, closed into the now-crimson crystal
Latov brings Aleria to the small village by the Hill Caves to protect her from the Lunite-infested Crystal Temple

15 years ago from FFCCRF
Gnath is born

~12 years ago from FFCCRF
Chelinka and Yuri are born, their mother Aleria gives Chelinka her crystal
Cu Chaspel comes to collect Aleria from her home by the Hill Caves, and she is placed inside a red crystal at the Crystal Temple

~10 years ago from FFCCRF
A small Selkie village by the Abyssus Forest is destroyed13

~9 years ago from FFCCRF
Stiltzkin's visits Latov and his family

7 years ago from FFCCRF
Autumn - Events of Ring of Fates (single player childhood portion)

~5 years ago from FFCCRF
A fake Alhanalem enters Rebena Te Ra14

Year 0
Spring - Events of Ring of Fates (single player main portion)

Note that after the events of the single player story, the world is redone. It is not known whether the chronological order of games continues from the single player story or the world seen briefly in the multiplayer section, although there are some indicators such as the color of the moon that they continue from the multiplayer world. Thus, any events starting with the Rise of the Lunites header and ending with the end of Ring of Fates, might or might not have happened in the overall continuity.

The World of Miasma

The Meteorfall

~2,000 years ago on FFCC15
A meteor falls on Mount Vellenge and breaks the Great Crystal, allowing Miasma to cover the world - only 1/100 people survive the catastrophe
Rebena Te Ra falls to disuse
Carbuncles teaches people that the shards of the Great Crystal can protect them from the Miasma, as long as they are periodically purified with Myrrh16
The village of Shella is founded17
The town of Alfitaria is founded
The town of Tida is founded
The first Crystal Caravans head out

~1900 years ago from FFCC
Monsters appear in the world

~1,300 years ago from FFCC
The Lilties find iron in Cathuriges Mines and develop ways to use it18
The town of Marr's Pass is founded19
The town of Jegon is founded
The castle of Alfitaria is built

Age of Wars

~1,000 years ago from FFCC
War brews between the Lilty tribe and mainly the Yuke20
Lilties start acquiring the Crystal Cages of every village and town in order to control them

~800 years ago from FFCC
The Lilty war is stopped by Clavat tribe leader Arthus21
The Yuke sage Hohmihiere advocates the building of Veo Lu Sluice22
The Lilty general Gyus starts the initiative to clear the roads of monsters so trade can commence23
The stream running by Jegon overflows and becomes River Jegon
People of Jegon move to Fields of Fum


~700 years ago from FFCC
Some Selkie head out to the Conall Curach in search of a place to call home, but find none24
The town of Tipa is founded25
The town of Leuda is founded

~600 years ago from FFCC
The Selkie stop searching for their promised land, most become thieves who live off of others' work26

~400 years ago from FFCC
An allied army of Lilties, Yukes and Clavats overpowers the thieving Selkies, remaining ones mostly settle down in the outskirts of towns of other tribes27

Around this time
The Dark Lord forms his kingdom of monsters28

50 years ago from FFCC
Tida caravan fails to return in time, and the people of Tida die to Miasma

~40 years ago from FFCC
Tipa's caravan consists of at least Roland, Malayde and Tristan

A New Beginning

Shortly before miasma's clearing
Leo is born
King Epitav's kingdom falls to Miasma

Year 0-5(+)
Events of Crystal Chronicles
The Dark Lord is affected by the miasma's disappearance and bursts apart, his body becomes elementite

Shortly after miasma's clearing
Epitav finds a frontier Crystal and starts rebuilding his kingdom, but is imprisoned within the Shrine of Awakening by the Dark Lord
A method is developed to use magic without having magicite/crystals with you

Some time after miasma's clearing
Events of My Life as a King
+Kingdom of Padarak is founded with Leo as its king
Events of My Life as a Darklord

Death of the Crystals

~2,000 years ago from FFCCET
Larkeicus, a scholar of crystals comes to an ancient land, and develops a technique to run machines with the power of crystals
Crystal-power machines spread throughout the world
The Town is rebuilt with new technology
Crystals start disappearing from the world, and wars brew to gain control of the dwindling few
Larkeicus discovers the cause of the crystals' disappearance is a cataclysmic event in the far future
A big crystal appears in the Forest, and Sherlotta and Eryll along with Eryll's black cat witness it. Sherlotta and the cat's lives are bound together, and Sherlotta is given immortality and the power to create crystals
Larkeicus heads out to investigate the new Crystal, along with his assistant Veriaulde
Larkeicus invades the Forest with his army of golems and destroys the Village, but their lives are recorded in the Crystal Core so their souls remain
Larkeicus chases Sherlotta into the Forest and discovers that the Crystal Core is of no use to him, so he abandons the Core and instead brings Sherlotta with him to Town to experiment
In order to achieve immortality, Larkeicus experiments on Sherlotta and Veriaulde to perfect his technique before using them on himself29. Sherlotta becomes blind and deaf due to the experiments
With the disappearance of the Crystals, the flourishing civilization collapses, and greenlands become wastelands and desert
Larkeicus starts building the Tower to be able to prevent the disappearance of the crystals in the future30

Somewhere around this time
Sherlotta learns to transfer her consciousness into the body of Eryll's cat, and is able to move around the outside world that way

~800 years ago from FFCCET
Undead Celeb is born (/created?)31

~500 years ago from FFCCET
Veriaulde receives his last visitor before the present in the Ruins32

~50 years ago from FFCCET
Sherlotta scares a Yuke33 in the Forest and subsequently starts a legend of the witch of the forest

~16 years ago from FFCCET
The Main character is abandoned in the Forest. Sherlotta finds them and decides to take care of them
Sherlotta starts seeing the ghosts of the people of the Village, and together they build a replica of the ancient Village for the MC to live in

~10 years ago from FFCCET
The MC catches the crystal sickness, and is cured by medicine Sherlotta brings34

Year 0
Events of Echoes of Time

Dawn of Technology

Intervening millennia
Lilty grow from an exclusively short race to a one that separates its nobles (tall and slim), workers (tall and buff) and commoners (short)

Unknown time
The Yukes build the Subterranean Ruins and house their Crystal there

~1,000 years ago from FFCCB
The Great War brews between the Lilties and the Yukes
The Yukes cast a curse on the Lilty Crystal that will only end in its destruction
The Lilty army advances on the Subterranean Ruins and destroy the Yuke Crystal, removing the Yuke tribe from the world of the living
The curse on the Lilty Crystal is suspended by the destruction of the Yuke Crystal, but remains dormant
Upon trying to enter Costa Faguita, the Lilty Army is cut off by a huge storm and a following mudslide, enabling the Selkie inhabiting the area to maintain their independence
Magic fades from the world

1,000 years ago from FFCCCB
The first chocobo races are held at the Chocobo Circuit

56 years ago from FFCCCB
Cid is born

45 years ago from FFCCCB
Jegran is born

42 years ago from FFCCCB
Vaigali is born

30 years ago from FFCCCB
Four Clavat men flee their hometown with seeds and establish a farm in the Eastern Wildlands

25 years ago from FFCCCB
Keiss is born

22 years ago from FFCCCB
Layle is born

~20 years ago from FFCCCB
Vaigali sails off hunting for sunken treasure in the Izmayal, but an encounter with local pirates half sinks his ship, and it is thereafter permanently anchored and eventually called the Selkie Guild35

19 years ago from FFCCCB
Belle is born

17 years ago from FFCCCB
Althea Sol Alfitaria is born

Some year around here
Queen Alexis dies
The Lilty King orders all statues and portraits of the deceased Queen to be taken down

Some time before FFCCCB
The Lilty King regrets his previous decision and attempts removing the crystals from the Alexis
Jegran turns the Lilty King into a crimson crystal. Princess Althea tells everyone that he is very sick in order to conceal his condition

Year 0
Ghostly apparitions start appearing by the Victory Monument36
Events of Crystal Bearers

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