Crystal Caravan
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A Crystal Caravan refers to a group of strong young people gathered from a village or town to travel around the surrounding areas in search of myrrh to purify the town's Crystal. Each town or village sends as many people as they can spare, as myrrh is required for the town to continue existing among the Miasma. A town's Crystal Caravan are literally their heroes, and if the Crystal Caravan doesn't return from their myrrh-gathering trip, the village is doomed to be destroyed.
A Crystal Caravan carries with them a Crystal Chalice to gather the myrrh in, and moves around in a wagon drawn by a single papaopamus. Each year their duty is to record their findings to the Crystal Chronicle they carry with them.


These are the caravans and caravaners presented in the original Crystal Chronicles game. In addition, one caravaner called Hugh Yurg is presented in My Life as a King, but the name of his home city is not know.
Of the ones below, the caravan of Tipa consists of player characters exclusively. After the removal of miasma from the world, they're known as the legendary caravan.

Caravan of Alfitaria
Caravan of Fum
Caravan of Leuda
Caravan of Marl's Pass
Caravan of Shella
Caravan of Tipa

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