Crystal Bearer

Final Fantasy XIV

A Crystal Bearer (possibly only mentioned in the English version) is a person with Echo who is on their way to becoming a Warrior of Light. They don't have the full set of Crystals of Light, but do have at least one.

Crystal Bearers
Player character
Krile Mayer Baldesion
Ysayle Dangoulain

Crystal Bearers

A Crystal Bearer (クリスタルベアラー [crystal bearer] in Japanese) is person with a crystal fused into their body. The location of the crystal varies, as do the powers gifted to the person with the fusion. Crystal Bearers are generally shunned from society and feared due to their powers.

Usually, Crystal Bearers are born the way they are. However, it is also possible for the fusion of the crystal to happen in a crystal-related magical accident.

Crystal Bearers
Althea Sol Alfitaria (immunity to magic, protective shields)
Amidatelion (portals for summoning and travel)
Blaze (fire)
Jegran (crystallization)
Layle (gravity)

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