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In the Final Fantasy series, the crystals have had varying significance. The crystals are what keep the worlds going. They provide life and magic and memories spanning to the distant past. They are the origin of the worlds and the universe.

Gaia (FF1)

In the original Final Fantasy the Crystals have one meaning only. They are the four Crystals - Earth, Fire, Water and Wind - that balance the world. Their power appears to be boundless, and have something to do with keeping up the ecosystem of the world as well as their energy somehow being included in the time travel plot of Garland and his four Chaoses.

When the four Chaoses corrupted the Crystals, the world fell to ruin. The Sky People no longer controlled the skies, the seas raged and made travel unfavorable, the earth rotted and no longer bore fruit well. It is unknown what would have happened had the last Crystal gone fully corrupted as well, although the Gulg Volcano might be a good indicator.

Final Fantasy II

There are no actual Crystals in Final Fantasy II. However, there is something that could be understood as Crystals. These are the four dark orbs of strength that were sealed away along with Ultima. They gave the main characters more strength to win over their adversaries.

Final Fantasy III


In Final Fantasy III the Crystals were eight in number, the four light Crystals and the four Dark crystals. The light Crystals balance the world (of light), and the dark Crystals balance the dark world. A disruption in the balance of power between the forces of light and dark brings forth chaos, as well as the Cloud of Darkness whose desire is to return everything to primordial darkness of the Void.

The four light Crystals have the elements of Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. It is unknown whether the dark Crystals have elements, they are all dark in color.

Earth (FF4)

The Crystals in Final Fantasy IV are sources and recorders of information, and under human guidance provide protection and abundance for the nations of the world. On the Earth there are eight of them in total, the four Light Crystals above the ground and the four Dark Crystals belowground.

The Light Crystals are the familiar Water, Fire, Wind and Earth Crystals. The Dark Crystals are another case, and their appearance varies by version. In the sprite-based games they appear completely dark like the Dark Crystals in FF3, but in the 3D-based games the Dark Crystals appear to be the Crystals of Dark, Light, Lightning and Ice, based on their color. As such, whichever description of them holds true is up to the player.

Appearance and Use

It bears noting that in the FF4 universe Crystals are recording and cultivation devices sent out by the Creator. They guide the evolution of the lifeforms present on the planets they're sent to, and eventually the Creator comes by to collect them, archive their accumulated data and use it for his own purposes. Note also that the Creator is presumed killed at the end of The After Years, and it is unknown how many other planets out there still have Crystals.

For other appearances of Crystals, it is known that the artificial moon of the Lunarians has Crystals (it is unknown if the Creator gathered them when he stopped by the star system the FF4 Earth is in, so their present status is unknown), and although they were destroyed on the Creator's star ship, the ship had various collected Crystals aboard it. Aside from those, the Lunar Whale also appears to function with a set of crystals, although it s unknown if and what kind of connection these crystals have with the Crystals sent by the Creator. However, their presence aboard the Whale may indicate that the Lunarians' technology may be crystal-based.

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V has the regular set of four elemental Crystals - those of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. They uphold the balance of the world between them, although their power isn't infinite. During the course of the game the Crystals are harnessed for their power, and overload of their use ends up shattering each of them. However, in the end a new set of Crystals are born from the hearts (emotions) of people to replace the old ones and once again bring balance to the world.

Final Fantasy VI

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Gaia (FF7)

The world of Final Fantasy VII does not have crystals as such, instead it has materia which resembles the crystals' functions in many ways. Materia is known to be crystallized mako, and have within parts of the condensed knowledge of everything that has ever lived on the planet.

Final Fantasy VIII

1. The Crystal Pillar
A huge pillar said to originate from the Moon. See Lunatic Pandora for further information.

Gaia/Terra (FF9)

1. The Crystal
A huge Crystal in the beginning of time. The origin of everything.

2. Gems
Glistening shards of crystals that enable you to perform different moves that you wouldn't normally be able to do.


1. Spheres
Formed of condensed water and pyreflies. Can hold people's memories.


1. The Crystal
A sentient Crystal that created the world and the gods with its light at the beginning of time.

2. Crystals
Small crystal shards that mobs drop when you are under the influence of Signet


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1. Zodiac Stones
Stones that hold the essence of the Totema

Tactics Advance

1. The Crystals
Five different crystals, that house five different totema, and support the five different races of Ivalice. Also called 'world threads'

2. Crystal - mission item
see Crystal

Final Fantasy XIII

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Crystal Chronicles

1. Crystals
Protect people from the poisonous miasma. Require myrrh to keep working.

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