Company of Heroes

The Company of Heroes was a group of very strong individuals in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. Not much is known about them, their number at the very least, although it is known that their entrance requirements are strict and it's almost impossible to join the Heroes. The Company was the first to defeat a primal - namely, Leviathan, and later took down Titan as well.

The Company is a matter of national pride to some Lominsans, being as they seem to be the only non-adventurer group capable of defeating a primal. In Ul'dah, however, the Company is sometimes seen as having been a mere band of pirates or thieves, especially within the ranks of the Immortal Flames.

After the Calamity hit, the Company of Heroes disbanded, although some of them kept in contact with each other afterwards.


While the total number of the Company isn't known, below are mentioned people who are known to have been members. Their current status is mentioned in parentheses after the name if known.

Known Members
Brayflox Alltalks
Curious Gorge
Landenel (Captain of the Wood Wailers)
Shamani Lohmani (vintner at Wineport)
U'odh Nunh1 (Nunh of the U tribe at Forgotten Springs)
Wheiskaet (in employ of Gegeruju)

Possible Members
Wyrnzoen2 (Axemaster of the Marauders' Guild)

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