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The Clavats (クラヴァット [clavat] in Japanese) are the most human-like race (or Tribe, as they are referred to in the games) in the Crystal Chronicles world. They are often of a sturdier build than Selkie, and come with hair-colors that do not differ from human ones.
Clavats are gentle peace lovers, and often content to let other races war among themselves, or even let other races rule over them. They tend to wear more crude clothing than those of other races, perhaps due to their affinity for being simple farmers.

At around 2,000 years before the start of Crystal Chronicles1, Clavats lived in harmony with the other races in Rebena Te Ra. However, when the meteor fell down and broke the Great Crystal and the world was covered in Miasma, Clavat scattered around the world like the other races. The first settlement they built was Tida, fairly quickly after those events.
Around 1,300 years ago after the Lilty became de-facto rulers of the world, Clavats built the Jegon town. Some 300 years later, the Yukes challenged the Lilty rule, and an era of war dawned. A Clavat called Altus finally put an end to it after 200 years of warfare, some 800 years before the start of Crystal Chronicles. It was also around that time that the Jegon River was formed - it's unknown what happened to the town of Jegon at that point, but it spurred the settlement of Fields of Fum by the Clavats not too long after. The last major construction mentioned is the village of Tipa 700 years prior to the game.
The first big Clavat settlement post-Meteor, Tida, was destroyed 50 years before the start of Crystal Chronicles, and the area was claimed by Alfitaria.

Clavat names resemble greatly some old-fashioned human names. Some examples of Clavat names are Samuel, Marius, Rebecca, Sharon and Trace. Some of the names, especially in Crystal Chronicles, have a Celtic sound to them.

Crystal Chronicles


In Crystal Chronicles the generic Clavat appearance doesn't differ of their portrayal in other games. The frequency of their appearance likewise doesn't much differ between games, although Crystal Chronicles might have less of them than other games.
Each character model has a 'tribe name' to go with it. In the picture to the right, these are (from left to right and top to bottom) Cow Lick (つんつん [tsuntsun]), (むぞうさ [muzousa]), Hair Band (へあばんど [hairband]), Hat (ずきん [zukin]), Long Hair (ろんぐ [long]), Short Hair (しょーと [short]), Semi-long Hair (せみろんぐ [semilong]), and White Hat (しろずきん [shirozukin]).

Clavats are very strongly connected with farming in Crystal Chronicles. The only surviving Clavat-city (aside from Tipa) is Fields of Fum, which is mostly farmland. The default Clavat player character names are Ciaran and Erin, and other Clavats prominently featured in the game are Sheula, Hurdy and Gurdy

As a player character the Clavats use swords and shields in battle, and their Force Attacks tend to be short-range. Clavats have good defense and attack and average speed - in other words, they have no discernible strengths or weaknesses.

Population in the World

The following numbers are percentage of Clavats in the population of cities and towns in Crystal Chronicles.2 The numbers are counted based on the characters displayed in the game. Naturally, the percentage for Tipa could not be calculated.

Fields of Fum: 88%
Marr's Pass: 29%
Alfitaria: 20%
Shella: 13%
Leuda: 9%

Game Mechanic Details

Starting Stats
HP 8
MAG 13

Default Preferred Food (from most to least liked)
Striped Apple
Cherry Cluster
Rainbow Grapes
Star Carrot
Gourd Potato
Round Corn

Ring of Fates

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