Class 0

Class 0 is the special class within Peristylium Suzaku, aka Akademeia, located at the heart of Rubrum. What exactly makes the people in it special is the attention of a Fal'Cie over millions of reiterations of the world. The power of their magic comes from a different source than the magic of most people of Rubrum. While the people of Rubrum gain their magic through the Suzaku Crystal, the cadets of Class 0 use Phantoma - the souls of dead people - as their power source.

The cadets of current-day Class 0 are pictured above. The trademark color of their Academy mantles is crimson. Each cadet who has been in the group since before they were called Class 0 took on a code name, bearing the names of cards in a deck. In the current-world class, Tiz and Lean Joker are missing, as well as two wildcards that do not have known card-based names. The latter two of these are taken in as transferrees at the start of Final Fantasy Type-0, and the class may gain several other members towards the end of Type-0 should the player make the right choices.

Before the current-day meaning of Class 0 as the wards of the Fal'Cie Al-Rashia, it is known to have appeared at times in history as the strongest class at Akademeia. The only thing known about these earlier appearances is that Zhuyu appears to have been one before becoming a l'Cie.

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