Clan Notices in FFTA2

This is a collection of notices relating to various Clans in Grimoire of the Rift. To see the full list of notices, see the Clan Primer page.

House Bowen

What other elite group of headhunters would do anything - provided there's gil on the table - but House Bowen?

What other clan has brought in more than four hundred marks? That alone would qualify them as one of Ivalice's top-tier teams—and that's not even taking into account the high demand for their services as escorts for important personages, sellswords for padding out forces during regional conflicts, and gods-know-what goings-on taking place behind drawn curtains.

Their leader, Bowen, is not only a fearsome combatant, but a cool-headed thinker as well, who takes on even the smallest request with the utmost care and caution.

Yet Bowen is also known as someone who would lay down his life to save a comrade. The fervent loyalty this inspires is one of the secrets to House Bowen's success.

Headhunter Friese

It's been several years now since the lady headhunter Friese made her name known among the clans.

Slayer of countless marks, the beauty with which she worked her sword-edge earned her the title of Blademaiden Friese—and a position of honor next to Blademaster Frimelda as one of Jylland's most celebrated woman warriors.

While little is known about Friese the woman, it is true she often traveled with several companions, making it likely she was a member of a clan.

In her heyday, new tales of her derring-do sprang up in the taverns with every new moon, but of late, the bards sing little of her conquests. Even the streetears have stopped whispering her name.

One wonders what she is doing now, and where.


Know you the mage clan Cinquleur?

Oh, they're a rare lot: arrogant, heavy-handed, wanting nothing more than to find the strong…and fight them.

That said, they bite with as much ferocity as they bark.

Quite a few clans snapped and took their challenge, only to be reduced to sobbing, defeated losers on the tourney field…

You ask me, I'd steer well clear of them. Unless, of course, you're sure you can win.
- —Domis Streetears

The Rivalry of the Rupies

Nestled in the Rupie Mountains lie two villages, at odds with each other for many years. One is inhabited by the scaled bangaa, the other by the shaggy mountain nu mou. The villages are rivals in all things.

Nowhere is their rivalry more raw than in the battle between the villages' elite clans: the Bangaa Brotherhood, and the Nu Mou Nobles.

This battle, fought in fits and starts over years, has come to be known as the Rivalry of the Rupies, and many visitors to Jylland travel to the mountains just to witness it.

Open Rivalry

Word is that the Bangaa Brotherhood and Nu Mou Nobles are at it again up in the Rupie Mountains!

Perhaps rumors of a growing desire to end the conflict once and for all are true, for both sides have been openly recruiting mercenaries in the pubs of late.

Prima Donna

The four-woman clan Prima Donna have been garnering much attention in Jylland of late, and they've got the looks, incredible singing talent, and enchanting coordinated dance moves to hold it.

They count admirers among men, women, young, and old alike—some so fervent in their enthusiastic support, they will travel wherever Prima Donna go, showing up in the crowds at every event. Yet Prima Donna seem to welcome this, and the attention they lavish upon their most devoted fans has won them still more admirers.

What one must not forget is, while Prima Donna have seen such success on the stage, and clearly take their performances very seriously, they also operate as a fully fledged clan, and boast accomplishments in this theatre which are no less impressive.

But this tribute to their enchanting qualities falls short of the real thing. How can cold words on a page compare to the majesty that is Prima Donna? I can only hope I have given my readers enough cause to investigate this phenomenon themselves, perhaps at a local stage near you.
- The Jylland Free Press—Arts Section

Wielders of the Cannon

A whisper on the streets: more information is sought about a headhunting clan said to use strange weapons called "mage cannons," to do their violent work. Rumors abound, yet none have seen this clan or their armaments, leaving us with naught but conjecture.

Perhaps they lurk in the shadows, or perhaps they are nothing but a rumor. Either way, if you hear something, you will let us know?
- —Domis Streetears

Chita's Weaponsmiths

-Workshop Report: Chita's Weaponers-

A workshop located in the Aldanna Range, where Mastersmith Chita and his apprentices toil daily to produce new weapons to arm our stalwart knights.

In the workshop, the air rings with the sound of metal on metal, and occasionally Mastersmith Chita's booming voice. When asked, one apprentice said of his master: "He is more fiery than the forge, has lungs bigger than the bellows, and is sharper than our finest blade."

Yet, in contrast to his own heroic proportions, Chita's blades are delicate, refined works of art. Even their superlative beauty, however, cannot outshine their terrifying effectiveness on the battlefield—the latter quality being the one which has won them so many admirers.

Truly, the arms of Chita's Weaponers shine across all of Ivalice.

The Kthili Surveyors

Did you know they're still finding old ruins and hardened bones from ancient times out in Kthili Sands?

There are several groups working out there, excavating and doing surveys, including the Akademy, but the team with the most dig sites and the most unearthed artifacts is without a doubt the Kthili Sands Surveyors.

The Kthili Sands Stealers

The unthinkable has happened. The Kthili Sands Surveyors are no more—destroyed by forces unknown.

Yet in the wake of this astonishing incident, an even more astonishing truth has come to light: the organization known as the Kthili Sands Surveyors was nothing more than a front for illegal trade in currencies and artifacts, and many of their dig sites were unauthorized—their "unearthed" artifacts stolen!

The Surveyors were common thieves.
No more. No less.

The Seeker of Slaughter

You know the Seeker of Slaughter? He's a trader in…things. Thing is, nobody knows what those "things" are.

What's more, you don't have to trade him anything for 'em. Just information. Information about battles fought, battles won, battles lost…

He shows up in some ruins somewhere, every year around Plumfrost.

Not very specific, I know…but hey, you get what you pay for.
- —Domis Streetears

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