Clan Centurio

Clan Centurio is the Clan that Vaan joins in Final Fantasy XII. It was founded and is led by Montblanc.
Vaan can join Clan Centurio in the game after you have picked up your first hunt from the Sandsea. Tomaj will fail to mention that his giving the Clan Primer book to you qualifies you for joining the clan.

Below you can find some specific information about the clan and how it works.


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By completing Mark hunts and gaining points (by defeating normal enemies), you can gain ranks in the clan. Every time you gain a rank Montblanc will give you a congratulatory reward, this is listed below along with the rank in question. There is also a clan provisioner whose offered item selection depends on your rank (details below).

The first rank is gained automatically when you join the clan. The last rank, then, requires what is listed below and in addition gaining all the figures in the Sky Pirate's Den. Note that the number of completed hunts required for the rank is the same as the number of all hunts combined.

Rank Marks Defeated Clan Points Rank Reward
Moppet 0 0 Potion x3
Hedge Knight 2 700 Warp Mote x2, Teleport Stone x2
Rear Guard 4 8,000 Remedy x3, Teleport Stone x2
Vanguard 8 20,000 Hi-Potion x3, Teleport Stone x2
Headhunter 10 30,000 Ether x2, Teleport Stone x2
Ward of Justice 12 40,000 X-Potion x2, Teleport Stone x2
Brave Companion 14 100,000 Hi-Ether x2, Teleport Stone x3
Riskbreaker 16 200,000 Elixir x2, Teleport Stone x3
Paragon of Justice 24 250,000 High Arcana, Teleport Stone x3
High Guardian 28 300,000 Empyreal Soul, Teleport Stone x3
Knight of the Round 32 500,000 Megalixir x2, Teleport Stone x3
Order of Ambrosia 45 1,000,000 Centurio Hero's Badge, Teleport Stone x3

Usefulness Rewards

Every now and then concerned citizens will find out about the deeds you have accomplished and want to reward your hard work - and for making theirs easier. These citizens will send their signs of gratitude to Montblanc, the leader of your clan, who will in turn deliver the reward to you and read you their letter. The rewards have been listed below.

Good Deed Reward Deliverer
Defeat Flan x4 150 gil Rabanastre Rulers
Defeat Firemane 200 gil Rabanastre Healers
Defeat Mimic Queen 300 gil Rabanastrean girl
Defeat the 1st Demon Wall 1,200 gil, Electrum Ancient Ruins Study Group
Defeat the 2nd Demon Wall 600 gil, Warp Mote Ancient Ruins Study Group
Defeat Earth Tyrant 1,200 gil Merchant Caravan
Defeat King Bomb 1,300 gil, Mallet Salikawoods' Patrol
Defeat Ahriman 1,600 gil Barkeep
Defeat the Mandragoras 1,600 gil Mandragora Friends Association
Defeat Rafflesia 1,800 gil Garif Warrior
Defeat Daedalus 1,900 gil Montblanc
Defeat Tyrant 1,900 gil Montblanc
Defeat Hydro 2,000 gil Clan Buckaboo
Defeat Humbaba Mistant 2,100 gil Nabreus People
Defeat Fury 2,100 gil, Bacchus's Wine Nabreus People
Defeat Hell Wyrm 50,000 gil Montblanc
Defeat Belias Arcana x2, Teleport Stone x2 a Minstrel
Defeat 4 Espers High Arcana, Teleport Stone x2 a Minstrel
Defeat 8 Espers Gemsteel, Teleport Stone x2 a Minstrel
Defeat 13 Espers Serpentarius, Teleport Stone x2 a Minstrel

Clan Provisioner

The Clan Provisioner can be found within the Muthru Bazaar area of Rabanastre. The goods he offers depend on your rank within Clan Centurio. Below you can find his selection, from lowest rank to highest.

Item Cost Rank
Potion 70 gil Moppet only
Hi-Potion 210 gil Hedge Knight only
Gysahl Greens 108 gil Rear Guard and higher
Teleport Stone 200 gil Vanguard and higher
Nihopalaoa 30,000 gil Headhunter and higher
Reverse 7,600 gil Headhunter and higher
Bubble Belt 19,800 gil Headhunter and higher except while Paragon of Justice
Bubble 3,300 gil Ward of Justice and higher
Faith 5,800 gil Brave Companion and higher
Bravery 5,800 gil Riskbreaker and higher
Warp Mote 100 gil Paragon of Justice and higher
Cat Ear Hood 30,000 gil High Guardian and higher
Knot of Rust 6 gil Knight of the Round and higher
Dark Matter 2 gil Order of Ambrosia

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