Groups of monster-hunters in Ivalice.

Final Fantasy XII

The Clans are local monster-exterminators, often-times elite treasure hunters. They are small and mobile, and thus can get rid of local dangers much more quickly than the military. The competition between the Clans can sometimes grow quite fierce.
Clans take down Marks – strong monsters that somehow bother the citizens. Notices for new Marks are posted at noticeboards in certain popular places, and they are claimed by notifying the person who put up the notice. That person also gives a reward after you defeat the Mark. This is the primary mode of income for Clans.
There are also Elite Marks, but those are not advertised on the noticeboards, but Clan leaders distribute them directly to Clan members. They are often much tougher than normal Marks.

Clan Centurio

Headquarters are located in Rabanastre. They are led by the moogle Montblanc. Vaan joined this Clan in the game, although it is unknown whether the rest of the static party did.
Other members include several moogles, bangaa, hume, seeq, and even a viera and a nu mou.

Clan Mastiff

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Revenant Wings

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Clan Galbana

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Tactics Advance

The Clans function as monster-exterminators as in Final Fantasy XII. They also help out in various other tasks all over the world, like searching for missing persons or items, scouting suspicious areas, and even helping with homework.

Clan Nutsy

The Clan doesn’t have actual headquarters, but often gathers in Cyril's pub The Prancing Chocobo. They are led by the moogle Montblanc. Marche Radiuju joined this Clan after he woke up in Ivalice, and gave it a name. The Clan was small so it didn’t have a name before that.
Other members include a viera, a hume, a bangaa, and a nu mou, to start with. See Clan Nutsy Members for a list.

Grimoire of the Rift

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Clan Gully

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