Chocobo Rumors in FFTA2

This is a collection of chocobo related information rumors from Grimoire of the Rift. To see all rumors, please go to the Clan Primer page.

Was that a…chocobo?

You know the old chocobo pasture out in Muskmallow Field? Well, the other day I saw me a chocobo thereabouts what had a pom-pom on its head! I ain't seen the like of that before.

I suppose there might've been a moogle a-ridin' on its back, but who's to say?
- —Word About Town

Chocobo Chivalry

The job of a chocobo knight is like no other. They're able to mount weakened chocobos and use the chocobo's inborn abilities.

Pretty useful, eh? Only catch is, they have to concentrate so hard on controlling the chocobo, they can't use any abilities of their own.

'Course, once they dismount, they can use abilities same as anyone else. But wild chocobos will bolt the first chance they get, and what's a chocobo knight without a chocobo?

Unless you're switching to a better mount, you had better think twice before letting your current one get away.

- —Job Connoisseur

Hale Yellows

Racing1 chocobos begin and end with the yellow. Why? They're the easiest to look after, that's why!

Must be that Choco Cure of theirs. Practically take care of themselves!

I go out at least once a year to wrangle some wild yellows. Where? Where they always is!

Targ Wood during Greenfire. Goug during Ashleaf and Skyfrost. You wouldn't believe the size of the herbs around Goug during autumn!
- —Musings of a Chocobo Wrangler

Fiery Reds

Once you've ridden a red chocobo, there's no going back. With fire in their eyes, fire in their hearts, and fire in their Choco Meteor, there's no need to ask why!

But mounts this fine don't come cheap. You'll need deep pockets to count even one red in your stable. That is, unless you know where to look!

Head over to Kthili Sands during the month of Ashleaf. You won't have any trouble catching a wild red of your own!
- —Musings of a Chocobo Rider

Incomparable Blacks

If you ask me, nothing compares to a black chocobo. Nothing. Soaring through the air, raining Choco Flame down from above…what more could you ask for?

My dearest and I each have one—both caught in the wild, of course. He caught his two years past, during Plumfrost in the Rupie Mountains. I caught mine just this year, in Greenfire near the Galerria Deep.
- —Musings of a Chocobo Rider

Old Greens

I'm a chocobo knight, newly knighted, kupo! I haven't been riding long. But I have the most wonderful green chocobo!

Her Choco Esuna saved an ailing friend just the other day. She is starting to look a little patchy on the plumage front, though. Kupo…

I -could- try to find a perkier one in Zedlei Forest—they like it there in Greenfire.

But let's be honest, I wouldn't part with this one for the world.
- —Musings of a Chocobo Knight

Plucky Browns

1st of Greenfire

Set out for Aldanna Range today. Brown chocobo is in season. Must make best use of opportunity to study this most aggressive variety of the bird in its natural habitat.

Of particular interest is the so-called Choco Guard ability used to defend against predators. Also said to possess a truly singular scent.
- —Chocobo Scholar's Journal, Excerpt

Shining Whites

Have you ever seen a white chocobo? They're quite rare, kupo. I saw one once in the snows of nothern Kerwon, but I've heard they live in the Rupie Mountains of Jylland, too. There's a flurry of sightings each year in the month of Greenfire.

They say the breed in Jylland can draw Mist from the air to restore magickal energy… What I wouldn't give to see one just once, kupo!
- —Chocobo Aficionado

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