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A chocobo forest (チョコボの森 [chocobo no mori] in Japanese) is a forest or glade where chocobos dwell or gather. They can be found in specific places around the world, always in the same type of places - on the world map, the place appears as a round forest. Judging by the inside graphics, they usually have trees only on the outside, the inside has a clearing with grass where the chocobos can be found.

Chocobo forests are known to be places where yellow, black and white chocobos can be found. In games with other-colored chocobos chocobo forests are usually absent. Some of these chocobos found in the forests can be captured and ridden with no prior training on the chocobo's part, at least in some of the games with forests present the chocobo dwelling in them are specifically identified as wild ones.

It is natural for black chocobos (capable of flight and landing in forests) to live in these types of forest glades, but it is unknown why yellow (specialty running, seemingly more adapted to a plains environment) and white (specialty healing, no other traits known) gather in them.

Other than the chocobo forests, chocobos can be found wild in various plains, lagoon and spring areas, as well as regular forests.



Final Fantasy II
Close by to Kashuan Keep
Total: 1

Final Fantasy III
East of Village of the Ancients
North of Gulgan Valley
South of Dwarven Cave
Far south-east of Amur
South of Goldor's Mansion
South of Saronia
Inside Saronia
Northern tip of the western continent
East of Falgabard
North-western tip of the eastern continent
West of the Cave of Darkness
Total: 11

Final Fantasy IV
West of Baron
North-east of Fabul
South of Mt Ordeals
South of Troia
North of Troia
Island south-east of Lodestone Cavern
Total: 6

Final Fantasy V
Coming soon

Final Fantasy VIII
Coming soon

Final Fantasy IX
North-east of Lindblum
Total: 1

Coming soon

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