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Chocobos (チョコボ [chocobo] in Japanese) are feathered (or in some cases; unfeathered) birds rather like chickens, only bigger. They are mostly incapable of flight, although some exceptions apply. Chocobos are usually yellow in color, although this can vary. Their call is 'kweh' (クェ [kwe] in Japanese). Baby chocobos, sometimes called chicobos, and are born from eggs. A chocobo's die usually consists of Gysahl Greens and other vegetables.

When a chocobo is used as a summon, their attack is usually called Chocobo Kick, and it deals small non-elemental damage to the enemy. It is not very powerful, and is usually among the first summons you acquire. See Chocobo (summon) for more information on the summoned chocobo.

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II was the very first appearance of the iconic chocobo. However, they were hidden and could only be accessed either if you knew where they were or happened to stumble on the single tile on the world map that contained an entrance to the single chocobo forest in the world.

The chocobo forest in question was located directly south of the Kashuan Keep. There, you could find a single chocobo that you could capture and ride. The original graphics were white, although in later versions of the game the sprite was made yellow as per usual for chocobos.
It bears noting that the original sprite was also crude enough that it isn't possible to determine if the chocobo was meant to have any feathers at all (see below in FF3 -> Original Chocobo).

Final Fantasy III


After their first appearance, chocobos made a quick return in the next entry in the series. The chocobo forests containing them could be found scattered all over the world, and the Fat Chocobo had its first appearance. In addition to the version you could ride and the version that let you store items, chocobos were also present as a summon.

The game also introduced Gysahl and Gysahl Greens, which were thereafter known as a chocobo's favorite food. In this version, you could use the greens to lure out a Fat Chocobo to store or withdraw items.

The Original Chocobo

Note the art to the right. This was the original concept of the chocobos - big and featherless, although still having the same overall shape. It is unknown for how long the design persisted in the series, if at all.
Where it is known to have been kept is supplementary materials like the manga Legend of Eternal Wind (FF3) and the FF5 sequel Legend of the Crystals.

The 3D DS remake either remade or confirmed the chocobos as the yellow feathered birds familiar from later in the series (below).


Final Fantasy IV

  • yellow (normal riding and summon)
  • white (heal MP)
  • black (fly, but landing in forests only)

Final Fantasy V

  • yellow (normal riding and summon)

Final Fantasy VI

  • yellow (normal riding)

Final Fantasy VII

  • yellow (normal riding and summon)
  • turquoise (cross rivers)
  • green (cross mountains)
  • black (cross both mountains and rivers)
  • gold (go anywhere)

Final Fantasy VIII

  • yellow (normal riding and summon)

Final Fantasy IX

  • yellow (normal riding)
  • light blue (cross shallows)
  • red (cross mountains)
  • dark blue (cross oceans)
  • gold (fly, but landing in forests only)


  • yellow (normal riding)


  • Courser - yellow/red (bred for scouting)
  • Destrier - black (bred for war)
  • Jennet - yellow/green (bred for tarutaru)
  • Palfrey - blue/yellow (bred for deserts)
  • Rounsey - yellow (bred for endurance)



  • yellow
  • red
  • black



  • yellow (normal riding and animist attack)

Final Fantasy XIII

  • yellow (Cocoon breed)
  • yellow (Gran Pulse breed)
  • red (GP)
  • blue (GP)
  • green (GP)
  • black (GP)
  • white (GP)
  • gold (GP)
  • silver (GP)


  • yellow


Coming soon

Airborne Brigade

In Airborne Brigade wild chocobo herds roam the lands. There are several types of chocobos, most of which tend to travel in flocks (1-8 birds) of their own kind. The exception to this is gold chocobos, which tend to travel with up to 7 red chocobos instead of simply among their own kind.

All chocobos are known hoarders of various types of crystals, which when used by a human can give them various abilities or enable them to summon Espers or Legendary allies to their aid for a brief time. To gain an ability or summon from a chocobo, a player can try feeding them various things. If the feeding is successful, the player can send a chocobo sighting report to 1-5 friends (the max amount on any given chocobo is random), who can in turn try feeding the flock.

In the various different areas of the game, the chocobos give different abilities. There are also some chocobos that only appear during events (within event areas). A third variation to chocobos are tamed chocobos that originate from the Chocobo Farm. The Farm is opened during the various events, and the chocobos there only eat a specific type of food eaten at the farm.

Picture chocobo_yellow_ffab.png chocobo_black_ffab.png chocobo_white_ffab.png
Name Yellow Chocobo Black Chocobo White Chocobo
Meeting areas Regular Areas
Event Areas
Chocobo Farm
Regular Areas Regular Areas
Event Areas
Feed Gysahl Greens
Zegham Carrot
Fresh Zegham Carrot
Zegham Carrot DX
Gysahl Greens
Vomp Carrot
Gysahl Greens
Vomp Carrot
Results N/N+ abilities R/R+ abilities R/R+/SR/SR+ abilities
Picture chocobo_red_ffab.png chocobo_green_ffab.png chocobo_gold_ffab.png
Name Red Chocobo Green Chocobo Gold Chocobo
Meeting areas Event Areas
Chocobo Farm
Event Areas Event Areas
Chocobo Farm
Feed Gysahl Greens
Vomp Carrot
Zegham Carrot
Fresh Zegham Carrot
Zegham Carrot DX
Zegham Carrot DX+
Gysahl Greens
Vomp Carrot
Vomp Carrot1
Zegham Carrot DX
Zegham Carrot DX+
Results R/R+/SR/SR+ abilities Any rank summon stones SR+2/SSR/SSR+/UR abilities

Fat Chocobo

In addition to the wild and tame roaming chocobos, the game also has a Fat Chocobo appearance. He can be found exclusively at his own room (it appears to be in some kind of a castle), where he sits around and eats and regurgitates weapons and abilities for players.

To have Fat Chocobo switch an old weapon or ability into a new one for you, you must first have 1 or more of either Krakka Greens or Pepio Nut. Feed that and your old weapon or ability to the Fat Chocobo, and he will first show you all possible choices you can get from that exchange, and then give you one of that selection. If you're not content with what you were given you can have the choice remade once from that same selection, but after remaking the choice once you're stuck with what you get and need to trade another Krakka or Pepio if you want to continue getting options.


Trading Card Game

Chocobos have various appearances in the FF-TCG series, mostly under the Wind element with some in others. The various Chocobo cards can be found in Forwards, Monsters, Backups and Eidolons.

tcg_1016.jpg tcg_1064.jpg tcg_2040.jpg tcg_4036.jpg
1-016U Baby Chocobo 1-064C Chocobo 2-040C Chocobo 4-036C Black Chocobo
tcg_5065.jpg tcg_5066.jpg tcg_6036.jpg tcg_7050.jpg
5-065C Chocobo 5-066C Chocobo 6-036C Chocobo 7-050C Chocobo
tcg_8036.jpg tcg_9070.jpg tcg_10049.jpg tcg_PR005.jpg
8-036U Fat Chocobo 9-070R Chocobo 10-049C Chocobo PR-005 Chocobo

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