Cavernous Maw

Cavernous Maws are strange portals located all over central Vana'diel in Final Fantasy XI. They seem to have appeared out of nowhere, although this is remembered only by some. Others claim that they have always been there, unmoving and unfunctioning, hidden away in untraversed areas.
While it is unknown to most inhabitants of Vana'diel, these maws are almost exact (although mini-sized) replicas of Atomos, the Avatar whose purpose is to eat away unneeded extra dimensions - like the Vana'diel present in FF11. In fact, the appearance of the maws is proof that the dream Vana'diel is being eaten away and will disappear eventually.

While quite a few maws - the first ones that appeared - lead to the crucial point in time when the dream Vana'diel separated from the real Vana'diel (that is, the time of the Crystal War), some others lead to other dimensions entirely. Most of these others lead to Abyssea, another rendition of Vana'diel, but whose point of separation lies much further in the past than the dream Vana'diel's. It is also known that at least one maw (not present in the game itself) leads to the Rift1, to the time and place of the Dissidia series battles. It is possible that the Rift is the same place as the Walk of Echoes, just with a different name.

Vana'diel Maws


Listed below are the maws that connect the real Vana'diel of the past and the dream Vana'diel. Note that to travel through these in the game, you must have the expansion pack Wings of the Goddess registered, as well as unlocked the ability to traverse to the past by examining the maw in either Batallia, Rolanberry or Sauromugue. After that, you must travel through any certain maw from the past once before being able to travel to the other direction through it.

East Ronfaure H-5
North Gustaberg K-7
West Sarutabaruta H-9
Batallia Downs H-5
Rolanberry Fields H-6
Sauromugue Champaign K-9
Jugner Forest H-11
Pashhow Marshlands K-8
Meriphataud Mountains K-6

Abyssea Maws

These are the locations of the maws that lead to the Abyssea areas. To be able to travel through these maws, you must have the corresponding Abyssea-series add-on registered, as well as have the minimum level of 30.
Note that while the first set of maws leads to the exact same place only in another dimension, the two others lead to different places as well. The place listed in parentheses is the corresponding Abyssea location of the dream Vana'diel maw.

Visions of Abyssea
La Theine Plateau E-4
Konschtat Highlands I-12
Tahrongi Canyon H-12

Scars of Abyssea
Valkurm Dunes I-9 (Misareaux Coast)
Jugner Forest J-8 (Vunkerl Inlet)
Buburimu Peninsula F-7 (Attohwa Chasm)

Heroes of Abyssea
North Gustaberg G-7 (Grauberg)
Xarcabard H-8 (Uleguerand Range)
South Gustaberg J-10 (Western Altepa)

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