The Cascadiers are a sub-division of the Adventurers' Guild in Final Fantasy XIV. They were created specially for countering the Bombard threat during Firefall Faire.

During the Faire of 1572 the Cascadiers were deployed into the cities of Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa and Gridania to recruit adventurers and possibly other gullibles into helping with the Bombard threat. It is unknown if this is the first time it was done, but the Cascadier officers in their booths talked as if they were specially trained for a long time for their mission. It is unknown if this was mere roughing up of the newbies or how the Cascadiers actually are trained - indeed, it is unknown if Cascadiers even existed prior to that particular summer.
The events of that summer can be found detailed in the quest The Heat is On.

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