Carm Mercantile

Carm Mercantile is a mercantile house from Ivalice in Grimoire of the Rift. They were founded 20 years ago as shipwrights in Graszton.

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Carm Mercantile: Who We Are

-Carm Mercantile House Report-

We're a youthful house, in operation for what some might consider a scant twenty years since our beginnings wrighting ships in the port town of Graszton.

Yet, our youthfulness has been our strength. We have honed our techniques, built up an impressive list of clients and successes, and since our entry into the comestible freight business ten years past, our support has grown among all the people of the regions we serve, making us one of the largest mercantile house in all Jylland.

We look forward to continuing to support the growth and prosperity of Jyllandas we expand our operations to accommodate future demand.

To commemorate our first twenty years, we have started a new branch of House operations dedicated to a recently growing concern: the protection and preservation of endangered monsters.*

We will be releasing a report on our progress shortly.

*Endangered monster: Any monster that, due to its being a source of valuable or otherwise efficacious materials, has been hunted to the brink of extinction.

While monsters were previously considered to exist for the sole purpose of felling, it has become clear that the removal of certain monsters from their habitat has caused irreversible damage to the food chain, resulting in considerably weakened ecological systems. Hence, the need for their preservation.

Carm Mercantile: Major Mess

-The Jylland Free Press: Special Issue-

Graszton Mega-House Carm Mercantile's Big-Time Blunder!

Only recently, Carm Mercantile began their campaign to preserve endangered monsters, which has apparently fueled interest in hunting one rare breed!

The name of this endangered monster is the cluckatrice: a white-feathered, red-wattled bird creature.

As it so happens, the flavorsome, nutritious flesh of this bird has made it widely popular, and the meat now fetches a handsome price at market.

The adult cluckatrice's larger-than-human size made it even more of an attractive target among those in the know, as one full-grown bird could supply a sizeable quantity of meat. Further publicity on the birds as a result of Carm Mercantile's misguided efforts only served to raise public awareness of the creature, and hunting is now at a fever pitch.

Soon after the monster preservation campaign began, suspicious characters began popping up, looking for cluckatrices wherever they might roam—a clear sign that something was amiss. While the poachers certainly bear ultimate responsibility for their immortal deeds, Carm Mercantile must also bear blame for not having foreseen this rather morbid turn of events.
- Anrias, Reporter of the Truth

Carm Mercantile: We Meant Well

-The Jylland Free Press: Special Issue-

Graszton Mega-House Carm Mercantile: An Ongoing Saga of Shame!

We recently looked into Carm Mercantile's ill-considered campaign to protect endangered monsters.

Carm Mercantile have admitted that poaching continues unabated, but have expressed hope that this is a temporary state of affairs prompted by teh spread of the story.
"We at Carm Mercantile would like to stress that the purpose of our campaign was to raise awareness of the plight of endangered monsters, certainly not to encourage their further endangering," a House Carm spokesperson stated late last week.

If nothing else, this campaign and resulting story certainly raised awareness of endangered monsters. Though whether this will ultimately be to the monsters' betterment or detriment is a matter for time to tell.
- Anrias, Reporter of the Truth

Poachers in the Shadows

-The Jylland Free Press: Special Issue-

Graszton Mega-House Carm Mercantile: The Shameful Saga Continues!

News flash! A mysterious group is behind the recent poaching of endangered animals!

This reporter, having spotted a clan capturing endangered monsters in the Galerria Deep, followed the poachers only to witness them passing their catch off to a mysterious group of traders in the pre-dawn light of the Bisga Greenlands in exchange for a sizeable quantity of gil.

This reporter would have inquired further as to the identity of the traders, but the palpable whiff of danger that came wafting from them would have discouraged a berserker with a death wish.
No everyday monster traffickers, these!

Though this reporter did not see what transpired next, it is safe to say that this confirms the presence of at least one organization paying good gil for the endangered monsters, made popular by Carm Mercantile's preservation campaign.

As a reporter of the truth, I, Angrias, vow to get to the bottom of these shady dealings, and expose the identity of these traders in contraband once and for all!
- Anrias, Reporter of the Truth

Betting House Busted!

-The Jylland Free Press: Special Issue-

Shady Group Behind Poaching of Endangered Monsters: Our Investigation Continues!

My continuing inquiry into the group behind the poaching of endangered monsters has revealed a stunning truth!

It turns out there's more to the endangered monster in question, the cluckatrice, than we previously suspected!

Apparently, the cluckatrice's wild demeanor when angered made it perfectly suited for cock fighting…a sport which the mysterious group or should I say "syndicate" behind the cluckatrices' capture has been promoting in secret!

Fans come to see the games, and the syndicate reaps the profits from the betting booths.

Even more surprising is the clientele at these illicit bouts. Not only do upstanding gentlemen knights of Graszton and the nobles of Moorabella attend, but crowds have come from the merchant families of Eastern Jylland, and there have even been sightings of ambassadors from the far and distant empire of Rozarria in attendance.

I cannot hide my abject amazement that there exists, today, an organization capable of carrying out such a large-scale underground gambling operation.

I would like to continue my reportage and uncover the true face of this shadowy organization, but now that the case is under the jurisdiction of the Jylland Defenders of the Peace, I, along with my faithful readers, can but await their announcement.

So, in lieu of more truth-finding and truth-revealing, I will leave you with a thought.

"Khamja, Khamja makes a brave boy weep, cry too much and they'll come while you sleep."

What child of our generation did not grow up knowing this rhyme? Yet few know that Khamja was in fact a crime syndicate that terrorized our land more than a hundred years ago.1

I believe it is no exaggeration to say that the group behind this recent spate of criminal activities is no less a threat to our way of life than Khamja was in our ancestors' day. Gods protect us all!
- Anrias, Reporter of the Truth, signing off.

Jylland Free Press: Internal Memo

-The Jylland Free Press: Internal Memo-

All departments take note: the following personnel are due for immediate transfer.

Frestomis-moving from Sales to Editorial.
Claile-moving from Heritage Dept. to Reporting.
Anrias-moving from Reporting to the Arts Dept.
Further personnel will be moving from P.R. to
(The memo is torn at this point.)

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