Burmecians (ネズミ族 [nezumi-zoku] or 'rat tribe' in Japanese) are a race of rat-like beings in Final Fantasy IX. 'Burmecian' (ブルメシアの民 [burmecia no tami] or 'people of burmecia') is not actually the name of the race, but as there is no official name for them in English, the title for a citizen of their main country is used. Burmecians are one of the two branches of these rat-people, the other being Cleyrans.



In the distant past, the rat-people used to be one unified tribe. They were peace-loving and fairly religious. However, at some point (likely around 1,000 years ago or so), the majority of the rat-people got involved in the wars escalating in the rest of the world, and trained themselves in the arts of war. This didn't sit so well with the remaining rat-people, and they left their original home of Burmecia for the great tree in Vube Desert where they founded Cleyra. The original ways of the rat-people survived in Cleyra, while Burmecia went on to become a warring kingdom famed for their dragoons. The rat-people were thereafter divided into the war-loving Burmecians and the peace-loving Cleyrans.

In the 1300s the Cleyrans received a jewel called Desert Star from the summoners, a third of a greater jewel used for grand summonings. They used the Star to create a sandstorm1 around Cleyra to protect themselves from the outside world. However, they kept up trade and relations still. It wasn't until the earliest years of 1700s that Cleyra cut off all contact with the outside world.

Burmecian Society

Not much is known about the Burmecian society. They are protected by an order of dragoons under the orders of the king. The current king, unnamed, is 49 years old so has likely been in power for some time. His son, likely the next king (although it isn't known how kings are chosen in Burmecia), is Puck, 14 years old.

Cleyran Society

Cleyrans are governed by a high priest, ruling from a cathedral on the highest branches of the Cleyra tree. He is aided by various oracles (males) and maidens (females), although their exact function isn't known beyond taking part in various ceremonies.

The ceremony to renew the sandstorm around Cleyra is based on an old one from the times the two societies were still one. It is performed during the game, to the tune of Eternal Harvest. The song is played on the harp that houses the Desert Star powering the storm, and the dance accompanying it is performed by five maidens. It's unknown what the ceremony was used for in times before the sandstorm.

Naming Conventions

Naming conventions for the rat-people, either Burmecians or Cleyrans, isn't known. You can make your own deductions from the names below. Some have been rather changed from what they were originally in the Japanese version, so original names have been presented in parens after the English name.

Burmecians Cleyrans
Sir Fratley Irontail
Lady Freya Crescent
Prince Puck
Soldier Dan
Refugee Learie
Kid Adam (Kab)
Kid Jack (Kob)
Night Oracle Donnegan
Forest Oracle Kildea
Sky Oracle Mylan
Sand Oracle Satrea
Tree Oracle Wylan
Moon Maiden Claire
Wind Maiden Eileen
Star Maiden Nina
Water Maiden Shannon
Flower Maiden Sharon

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