Brugaire Consortium

Final Fantasy XI

The Brugaire Consortium is the largest trading company (also known for smuggling) in the city of San d'Oria. They have several warehouses in the port area of the city. In addition to delivering wares within the city, they also ship to other countries (known recipients are within the Middle Lands, more specifically Jeuno).

Not much is known about the organization's structure. There is an Elvaan by the name of Fontoumant that handles shipment distribution at least within San d'Oria.

Final Fantasy XIV

The Brugaire Consortium is one of the largest merchant companies in Limsa Lominsa, and is claimed to be world renowned by its employees. They deal in all kinds of item including (but not limited to) weapons, perishables and fashionable apparel, and delivers items on order to their customers. For obtaining these items they often employ adventurers through the guildleve system, and are known to have several warehouses in the city of Limsa.

Not much is known about the organization's structure, but the vice chairman (known as the 'second chair') is a Lalafell by the name of Bango Zango. In addition, before the Calamity a person by the name of Wynstin Walder was the Warehouse Foreman, although it is unknown if this is the case after it.

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