Book of Owen

The Book of Owen can be found in the Great Library of Saronia. It was written by the great scientist Owen himself in the ancient times. It appears to be a research/scientific journal in at least three parts.
To read the Books of Owen, you must first have access to the Great Library. The Books can be found on the first row of bookshelves, with the volumes on the shelves being III, I and II from left to right.

Book of Owen I
After many long years, it is finally complete… The device will enable us to lift and control objects of immense size and mass. If my calculations are correct, it would even control the very planet that we live on!1

Book of Owen II
My current project is cryostasis - freezing objects for long-term conservation. Poetically put, an object in cryostasis could be said to be free from the flow of time. In theory, this should also be applicable to living beings.2

Book of Owen III
Everything is ready. I will now leave Saronia and depart for the experiment site. I will take my son Desch, already an accomplished scientist himself, with me.3

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