Book of Haerii

The Book of Haerii appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It's not an actual item, instead its contents can be read by collecting the fragment items Orb of Clotho, Sword of Lachesis and Mirror of Atropos. Haerii refers to what's known as the Haerii Archaeopolis, an ancient city now in ruins.

It bears noting that the picture featured in all of the segments of the book is that of the statue at Relic of the Farseers in A Dying World. The statue features three women - and consequently, the prophecies featured in the Book of Haerii are from three women.

The Book of Haerii

This is the prophecy as told by Clotho, messenger of the otherworld.
Great Fenrir is the fal'Cie of the skies above. By the will of the mighty god Pulse, Fenrir ceaselessly wanders the heavenly vault, searching for the great door lost at the equinox of existence. This is the destiny of the fal'Cie Fenrir.

This is the prophecy as told by Lachesis, messenger of the magic world.
Ragnarok the beast shall bring down Cocoon. After the War of Transgression, two girls from the far north shall come to Cocoon, the nest of Lindzei, and transform into the beast that destroys it. Until the end of time, this day shall be known as the Day of Ragnarok.

The is the prophecy as told by Atropos, messenger of the heavens.
The Thirteenth Ark is the fortress that protects the heavenly vault. When the heroes gather unto mighty Pulse to do battle in the war that must be fought, this shall be the stronghold. Know now and remember that the Ark shall by the salvation of all Pulse's children.

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