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Black Mages (黒魔道士 [kuro madoushi] or 'black mage' in Japanese) are a race of artificially created beings in Final Fantasy IX. While they only existed in the world of Gaia, the knowledge of making them came from the ancient civilization of the world of Terra, through the experiments of the genome Kuja.


There are 3 basic types of Black Mages, in addition to 4 'special' types. The basic types are type A (production number 1-99), type B (production number 100-199), and type C (production number 200-299). The special types are the prototype Vivi, and the three Black Waltz types.

Enemy Data
Black Mage Type A/B/C
Black Waltz No 1
Black Waltz No 2
Black Waltz No 3



Black Mages were created as weapons of war, golems who could be used as an invading army to suit the machinations of the 'angel of death' Kuja and the political ambition of queen Brahne Alexandros of Alexandria. After some experimenting, Kuja deviced a way to build his golems out of straw, cloth and Mist. They were supposed to be the perfect soldier, but what he didn't foresee was that the black mages would eventually develop a consciousness, which made them abhor the violence they were created for and sneak out of the armies in any way they could. This was known as 'awakening' to the black mages themselves.

After their awakening and subsequent desertion, many black mages ended up on the remote Outer continent, where they gravitated together into a maze-like forest and built a village there, trying to emulate the lives of natural-born people without knowing what things like shops, inns or even sleeping were.

Soon, the awakened black mages found out that they had a very finite life span. Some individuals would simply stop. The black mages built a graveyard and buried the stopped individuals there.

At the end of the game, the genomes from Terra came to live at the village as well, the two creations being similar in their lack of knowledge about living.



February - Kuja hands over knowledge of making black mages to queen Brahne
July - Vivi is created
Vivi falls into a forest from an airship, thus escaping Kuja's grasp
October - Black mage production starts beneath the village of Dali
December - The first black mages reach the Outer continent and start building their village

January - Black mages attack Burmecia under the command of general Beatrix
Black mages attack Cleyra under the command of general Beatrix
Black mages attack Lindblum under the command of the Alexandrian generals
The first humans enter the village of the black mages
February - Kuja enters the village and talks the black mages over to supporting him
After working for him and being abandoned by Kuja, the black mages scatter and return to their village
March - Genomes come to live at the village

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