Bhujerban Language

The bhujerbans in Final Fantasy XII speak unlike any other people encountered in the game. In addition to English (/Japanese) words, spoken with an Indian English accent in the English version of the game, they sprinkle their lines with words from another language. This language largely corresponds with the real-world Sanskrit.

It is unclear if the Bhujerban usage of Sanskrit is meant to indicate that that (or its Ivalice equivalent) is the language they normally speak, with the individuals we speak to also proficient in English/Japanese and use it for the benefit of foreigners, or if they once spoke that language commonly but now use English/Japanese even among themselves with some old-language words sprinkled in, a mix of the two possibilities, or some other case.


This section lists the words the various Bhujerbans used within the game. If you have need of some other words, it would be a rather safe assumption to simply search for a Sanskrit translation of what you need, for example on Spoken Sanskrit or another similar site.

Amba - Mother
Bhadra - Brother1
Hanta - (expressing wonder or sorrow, eg 'Just what I needed!')2
Kah - Who/What/Which/etc3
Kastam - Bad/Difficult/Painful/Trouble/etc4
Madhu - Honey5
Murkha - Fool/Idiot/Silly/Stupid
Parijanah - Guide6
Raksas - Demon/Fiend
Sainikah - Soldier7
Svagatam - Welcome
Tatah - Father

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