Beastcoin is an umbrella term for the various currencies in use among the beastmen. See below for the various types.

Final Fantasy XI

While the various beastman races in Vana'diel mint different types of currencies, they all seem to use them interchangeably. It's unknown how long this has been the case, and if the beastmen elsewhere than just the Middle Lands follow the same customs. Below is a list of known beastcoins, who mints them and what they're made of, roughly in order of value. The last of them listed is an ancient form of currency no longer in use.

Beastcoin Materials Maker
Beastcoin Bronze Yagudo
Silver Beastcoin Silver Goblin
Mythril Beastcoin Mythril Quadav
Platinum Beastcoin Platinum Goblin
Gold Beastcoin Gold Quadav
Ancient Beastcoin Gold+diamond Quadav

Final Fantasy XIV

Quite differently from Vana'diel, in Eorzea the various beast tribes each have currencies of their own. It's unknown if any exchange happens between the tribes, and in what currency if it does. However, what is known that at least goblins use gil when dealing with the non-tribal races.
Each beastcoin type has three different tiers, listed below as 1-3 from least to most valuable.

Race Currency 1 Currency 2 Currency 3
Goblin Brass Gobcog Silver Gobcog Gold Gobcog
Qiqirn Gagaroon Luck-die Peperoon Fate-die Ququroon Doom-die
Sahagin Greentide Psashp Redtide Psashp Goldtide Psashp
Kobold Titan Copperpiece Titan Mythrilpiece Titan Electrumpiece
Amalj'aa Bronze Amalj'ok Iron Amalj'ok Darksteel Amalj'ok
Sylph Sylphic Brownleaf Sylphic Yellowleaf Sylphic Redleaf
Ixal Ixali Willowknot Ixali Mapleknot Ixali Ebonknot

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