Baron Dragoons

Baron Dragoons (竜騎士団 [ryuu kishi dan] or 'Dragon Knight Corps' in Japanese) are the division of military in Final Fantasy IV's kingdom of Baroon that consists of dragoons. They are led by a Commander (隊長 [taichou]), who at the time of FF4 was known to be Kain Highwind.

Battle Strength

Dragoons are known for wearing light but durable armor, capable of taking some hits but still light enough to be borne on the back of their wyverns in battle, as well as capable of executing their signature Jump attack.

Becoming a Dragoon1
Not much is known about becoming a dragoon, but what is known that there are three general requirements for any aspirant. These are having the courage to fight monsters in mid-air, conducting themselves with the pride of a knight and all it implies, and lastly the willingness to bring their wyvern with them no matter how inconvenient it may be.

Raising of Wyverns2
Each Dragoon is supposed to raise their own wyvern (飛竜 [hiryuu]) for the purpose of war. For the sake of raising one, all dragoons have to make an annual journey to the Valley of Wyverns (飛竜の谷 [hiryuu no tani]), where they need to obtain and bring back several wyvern eggs. These eggs are then taken care of and allowed to hatch. Most wyvernlings either die in training or start attacking their handlers, so there isn't really a concern of raising more than one war wyvern per dragoon, the concern is more in even managing to raise that one.
Consequently, this annual egg-hunting trip was a likely reason for the near-extinction of wyverns.


The Dragoons were the second division of the army to be formed, and followed right after the formation of the Royal Guard, elite warriors in direct service of the king. For most of Baron's history, they remained their main source of military strength, being capable of both terrestrial and aerial battle. Aerial battle in particular gave Baron a military advantage that could not be matched.
With the advent of the Airship division Red Wings, the Dragoons were made largely obsolete. However, many of Baron's noble houses were still tied to the leadership within Dragoons, as they had more or less hereditary positions within.

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