Azeyma the Warden is the goddess of inquiry and sun, and is called a 'beacon of righteousness' by some. She's the elder sister of Menphina and daughter of Althyk, and her daughters are Llymlaen and Nophica. Her element is fire and her moon the ninth (fifth astral moon). Her symbol is the sun, and she's depicted as a noble lady carrying a golden fan.

Azeyma is often held in high regard by the Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te tribe. She seems to gain some fanatical followers, although it isn't known how common this is. There is one confirmed case of a hermit gone to the Abalatia's Spine for decades to worship her before coming back to the common people1, only to find that men weren't following Azeyma's teachings up to his standards. He then proceeded to hire an adventurer2 and send them after these sinners who had broken at least his sensibilities, if not Azeyma's herself. All that can be said for certain is that the people tracked down who supposedly sinned, did in fact have something on their conscience. Whether this was coincidence, divine revelation or a device of his own is unknown.

The same quest reveals to us that according to this devout hermit people should live in accordance with her laws (ie without sin) and fear her judgement lest it fall upon them (possibly with a blade). He also notes that the way to salvation goes through Azeyma.

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