Artifact Armor

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Artifact Armor (AF for short) is a title for quested job-specific armor for the mid- to late levels. They are often powerful, although not top of the line, and always look like traditional (32-bit era) Final Fantasy job gear. The name has so far been used in the two online Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.

It bears noting that the term AF (ArtiFact) can also be used for AF weapons, quested just like their armor counterparts.

Final Fantasy XI

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Final Fantasy XIV


The FF14 version of Artifact Armor is obtained through the levels 45-50 where the first level cap of the game lay. The quest progression naturally leads from the unlocking of a job to its own artifact armor. Four of these pieces are found in chests around the world in a level 45 quest, while the last piece comes from a level 50 quest as a reward for winning a fight. Below are the correspondences of the levels to the various equipment slots.

Level 45 - Feet
Level 46 - Legs
Level 47 - Gloves
Level 49 - Head
Level 50 - Body

Job Feet Legs Gloves Head Body
Paladin Gallant Solleret Gallant Cuisses Gallant Gauntlets Gallant Coronet Gallant Surcoat
Warrior Fighter's Jackboots Fighter's Breeches Fighter's Gauntlets Fighter's Burgeonet Fighter's Cuirass
Dragoon Drachen Greaves Drachen Breeches Drachen Gauntlets Drachen Armet Drachen Mail
Monk Temple Boots Temple Gaskins Temple Gloves Temple Circlet Temple Cyclas
Bard Choral Sandals Choral Tights Choral Rinband Choral Chapeau Choral Shirt
White Mage Healer's Boots Healer's Culottes Healer's Gloves Healer's Circlet Healer's Robe
Black Mage Wizard's Crakows Wizard's Tonban Wizard's Gloves Wizard's Petasos Wizard's Coat

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