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Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Artefacts in FF Tactics (財宝 [zaihou] or 'treasures' in Japanese) are a category of items. Most of these items you gain from successfully completing certain Errand-type quests, the rest are obtained by following the main story.

By finding more Artefacts, you raise your Treasure Hunter rank. After finding all 31 different ones obtainable through Errands, you gain a decorative star on your game's Chronicle screen.

# Found Title
1 Level 1 Treasure Hunter
4 Level 2 Treasure Hunter
8 Level 3 Treasure Hunter
12 Level 4 Treasure Hunter
16 Level 5 Treasure Hunter
20 Level 6 Treasure Hunter
24 Level 7 Treasure Hunter
31 Master Treasure Hunter

Artefact Lists

Errand Artefacts

Story Artefacts

Crystal Chronicles

Artifacts (spelled with an 'i' in CC, アーティファクト [artifact] in Japanese) are a group of leveling-up items in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. As traditional levels don't exist in the game, these artifacts are the only real way of making your characters stronger aside from getting better equipment.

Artifacts are found throughout dungeons as treasures, and are dropped by dungeon bosses besides. However, while you gain the benefits of all the artifacts you find while within the dungeon, as you are leaving you only get to choose one out of them to keep. This means that to get all the artifacts found within a dungeon, you will have to beat it numerous times per character.

Artifact Lists

Strength Artifacts

Defense Artifacts

Magic Artifacts


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