Ancient Currency

Ancient currency is an umbrella term for the currencies in use in the Middle Lands of Vana'diel before the wide-spread usage of gil. Each of the three major powers in the Middle Lands - San d'Oria, Bastok and Windurst had their own, launched at various times throughout the histories of the nations.
While the currencies differ in other details, the noits (commonly known as coins) of San d'Oria, the byne bills of Bastok and the mumus (commonly known as shells) of Windurst all have some things in common, and that is the known values. Each comes with (at least) a form of currency for 1 unit, 100 units and 10,000 units. You can find the names of these currencies below.

Note that all of the below items seem to have been created in commemoration of something. This would seem to indicate that they are special currencies, and that the ones more commonly used might be different - possibly named after the currency itself.

Nation 1 unit 100 units 10,000 units Unit name
San d'Oria Ordelle Bronzepiece Montiont Silverpiece Ranperre Goldpiece Noit
Bastok 1 Byne Bill 100 Byne Bill 10,000 Byne Bill Byne
Windurst Tukuku Whiteshell Lungo-Nango Jadeshell Rimilala Stripeshell Mumu


Ancient currency is used for upgrading relic weapons. You can find more details on the process on the relic weapon page. There also exist certain NPCs that will exchange your currency for the same currency but in higher unit value, for example 100 bronzepieces into one silverpiece. Note that each NPC will only deal in one form of currency, not the others.

NPC Location Currency
Lootblox Davoi (J-7) Noit
Haggleblix Beadaux (E-7) Byne
Antiqix Castle Oztroja (F-8) Mumu

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