Ancient Book

The Ancient Book can be found in the Great Library of Saronia. It appears to be a book - or a series of books - written by the Ancients about their own culture.
To read the Ancient Book, you must first have access to the Great Library. The book is found int he middle row of the bookshelves. The parts are 4, 3, 2 and 1 from left to right.

Ancient Book, Part 1
The four giant statues will burn anyone who dares to pass between them. The four fangs that we possess are the only things that grant us safe passage.

Ancient Book, Part 2
Light and darkness are kept in balance by the crystals of wind, fire, water and earth.

Ancient Book, Part 3
Have we abused the power of light…? The light is everywhere, overflowing… There is no way for us to stop it. And the inevitable outcome? Doom…

Ancient Book, Part 4
The four warriors who came from the world of darkness have stopped the rampaging light. Who are they? How did they come to possess their power? The only thing we know is that their bravery saved the world from destruction.

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