The Amalj'aa (アマルジャ族 [amalj'aa zoku] in Japanese) are a tribe of beastmen hailing from the region of Paglth'an in Final Fantasy XIV. Many Amalj'aa can also be found in the region of Thanalan, which they believe purified by sacred flame, and are constantly trying to claim from the Ul'dahns living there. They are nomadic in nature, and worship the primal Ifrit.


Amalj'aa are almost half again as tall as Hyurs are, and are heavily muscled to boot. They have four fingers and toes, both of which are clawed with sturdy nails. From the top of their heads protrudes a (seemingly) bony long extension, and their skin is made up of scales. Their eyes appear to be invariably red and pupil-less.
While at first glance Amalj'aa may not resemble much anything, they are in fact based on lizards. It could be said that they are the lizardmen of Hydaelyn.



As mentioned previously, Amalj'aa are a nomadic people hailing from the grasslands of Paglth'an, in the south of Aldenard. They subsist by hunting the wild prey at the grasslands.



Amalj'aa are very much a warlike people, although it is unknown if this is due to the influence of Ifrit. They are known raise drakes as weapons of war, and commonly use martial arts, spear skills and thaumaturgy in battle, as well as some other types of battle skills occasionally.

Relations with Others

Before Ifrit's influence started spreading and the Amalj'aa started using up all their crystals themselves, they used to engage in at least some level of crystal trade through the Ashcrown Consortium. There is also some indication that while they have been constantly at some state of war with the Ul'dahns, there was a time when their acts of war were less aggressive and frequent than they are now.

Amalj'aa are known (or 'known') to act kind to their prisoners from Ul'dah in an effort to win them over.1 According to rumors, this has succeeded, even in the scale of entire villages. These villages would subsequently fight for the Amalj'aa. Another thing the Amalj'aa are known to do to their prisoners is to have their shamans go through their minds in an effort to find out military secrets.


Thaumaturges are known to do divining for the most auspicious times and places to do things, and this practice appears at least somewhat if not very influential in the Amalj'aan society.

Amalj'aa Chokers

Amalj'aa warriors are known for wearing chokers of various models. This choker serves as both an identification tag and a self-therapy device.2
On the underside of each choker is an engraving of the warrior's name and clan. A theory has been put forth that these chokers are collected after death and delivered to the warrior's relatives to remember them by.
As for the self-therapy, the chokers also have a small silver needle on the underside, positioned just so that it can stimulate a pressure point on the neck. By applying various ointments to the spike, they can prevent themselves from feeling hunger, drowsiness or pain, or even trigger the release of an adrenaline rush.



The Amalj'aa, due to their close relation to the Primal Ifrit are masters of handling fire, and as such are quite exceptional smiths.3 Their steel is known to be sturdy and robust, but easy to rust if not treated with with a pungent yellow oil, a component of which is scarlet oil.


The Amalj'aa use a currency called amalj'ok for their monetary needs. There is no indication of anyone else smelting the coins for them, so they likely do it themselves. Everything beyond that is unknown.

Darksteel Amalj'ok
Iron Amalj'ok
Bronze Amalj'ok


Very is known about the Amalj'aan language than is of their names. Below are some words (mostly location names) in the language.

Zahar'ak - 'like a rock'

Naming Conventions

Amalj'aa naming conventions are not clear at this time. It appears that they have names separated into two parts, with at least some having an extra descriptive name as well. The second name appears to be an indicator of social status.
It is also known that they have formed into various clans, although it isn't known if their names bear any indication of their clans.

Chah - (mage class, purpose unknown)
Roh - Warrior class charged with enforcing order within the Amalj'aa society

Amalj'aa Names
Flamefist Ahlygg Roh
Goldfang Adebb Chah
Kazagg Chah
Voidtongue Ahzabb Chah


Much of the time, the Amalj'aa have appeared as fightable enemies. Below is a list of them.

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