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Al Bhed are a tribe of humans in Spira. This includes Final Fantasy X and its sequel Final Fantasy X-2. Nothing separates them from the regular humans (called 'people of Yevon') than their eyes. The pupil of their eyes isn't a solid circle but instead a swirl. Another difference is that while humans have varied hair color, that of Al Bhed is golden blond. In behavior a good many of the Al Bhed are somewhat eccentric, although there is a very limited selection to judge by.

Note that while it isn't exactly clear if Al Bhed are considered a tribe of humans or another being entirely, they at the very least share common ancestors in the not too distant past, as they can interbreed.

Culture and History


As their appearance is extremely close to humans, the major issue that separates Al Bhed from humans is their beliefs. The Al Bhed don't believe in the teachings of Yevon, and embrace the forbidden machina. Due to this they became spurned by humans, and the majority of them went to live on Bikanel Island some dozens of years ago from the start of FF10, where they built the Home. Since shortly before those times, the Al Bhed have been led by Cid.

The location was chosen because more than a thousand years ago, the Al Bhed lived on Bikanel. Then their home was destroyed by Sin, and they became a nomadic people. It is unknown when they started it, but at some point a good majority of the Al Bhed became scavengers, salvaging machina of ancient civilizations. In fact, the Al Bhed are just about the only people in the world who understand the usage and building of machina anymore. This is largely due to their scavenging, and they have managed to build some formidable things due to their own inventions and repairing what they find. Most notable among these are the airships Fahrenheit and Celsius.
After the defeat of Sin and the arrival of the Eternal Calm, the Al Bhed slowly become more accepted among the wider populace. They even start to bring some over to their side of thinking about the machina issue.

Other than what has been described, not much is known about Al Bhed history, despite featuring rather prominently in the games. One of the main playable characters is Rikku, the grand-daughter of the Al Bhed leader Cid. She is cousin to the arguable main character, Yuna, who is a halfling, her mother having been an Al Bhed. In the sequel two more Al Bhed feature prominently into the story, called Brother and Shinra.


How the Al Bhed name themselves appears to have no difference to that of humans. They do, however, have their own language, that can be learned through the Al Bhed primers scattered throughout the game. The script the language is written in also differs from the script used to write the human language.

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