Airships in Action!

Airships in Action! is a book or a magazine found in the Great Library of Saronia in Final Fantasy III. It can be found in the back row of the bookshelves.

It is unclear in what time period the book/magazine was written in. It references both Invincible, which was unknown to Saronian engineers and built by the Ancients, and the Enterprise, which was built by Cid Haze from a viking ship during the game.
It could be possible that there was an airship called the Enterprise during the time of the Ancients, but this is mere conjecture.

Airships in Action!
Our editors pick the top three most sensational, spectacular airships of the year! 1st: The Diving Nautilus. 2nd: The Colossal Invincible. 3rd: The Indomitable Enterprise.

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